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Flash Back

Years ago, I used to post links to songs I was thinking about, or thought other people would maybe like, here on this blog. For those of you who’ve been with me through the years, I’m sure you will remember. I don’t really know why, but I stopped doing that. Things change, I guess???
Anyway, I was driving home this morning and the Neil Young Song,
On the Beach, came on the radio. I had not thought about that song in years. The DJ said that it came out forty-eight years ago this month. Wow! Time flies… I remember when the LP came out and I made a B-Line to the record shop to pick it up.
I was always a fan of Neil Young. Hell, I wanted to grow up and be him. Well… Now really be him, but live his lifestyle, revolving my life around making music and such. That never came to pass, however, but I remember my youthful dream very well.
Anyway, click on the title if you feel like it and it will link you to the song on YouTube. I think it’s an interesting variant in the overall Neil Young library.
I was just checking out the AM News, it hit a commercial, so I popped over to TCM to see what they were showing today. It’s always a great surprise with them. Today, at 6:45 PM, they are going to show, Alice’s Restaurant. Great movie! It provides such an excellent view into a time and a place in U.S. history: artistic, lifestyle, and otherwise. If you read this in time, and if you feel like it, check it out. I know I’m going to be rewatching it. Or hey, you can invite me over and we can watch it together. Get the popcorn ready. Happy
Anyway… Sometimes life just reminds you of the past. That’s why I love the arts. …Whatever that artform may be. It provides you with an opportunity to not only remember, if you lived it on the first go-round, or to turn back the clock and experience what life was like, from the perspective of someone else, way back in the way back when.