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You're Not That Spiritual

Depending on what circles you hang out in, you are going to run into a lot of people claiming a lot of spirituality. “I am. You are not.” But, have you ever noticed that the people who claim spiritually are the most misdirected, biased, judgmental people you will ever meet? If I can step out on a limb here, they are some of the most hypocritical people you will ever encounter. It always seems that they have a reason or a justification for doing and saying what they do or say but the moment anyone else does something they don’t like that person is immediately condemned.

Most people don’t really care about spirituality. Yes, they may call themselves a whatever. They may claim to follow this religion or that. But, that is not the essence of their life or their brand. There’s other people, however, who make all kinds of proclamations and even make their living via embracing one or more of the various realms of spirituality. The problem is, most of these people are so self-focused that they demean and attempt to hurt the life of anyone who believes or follows a different path than they do. Is that true spirituality?

Even me, I have been attacked because I too write about spirituality and/or its various classifications. Some people, believing whatever it is they believe, maybe read one of my books or something and they deduce I am a some kind of a something. Then, when they see one of my films or maybe a photograph I took or read one of my provocative poems they come at me as being fake or unholy or something like that. They unfollow me on Instagram or unfriend me on Facebook. “Goodbye. Who cares!” Some even write to me telling me about how what they think I am doing is wrong and/or how what I am doing is not spiritual. Really???

Here’s the thing, and this goes for all of those people who cast their judgements onto others, not just via the realms of spiritually, you can never truly know who or what a person is inside. This is especially true of you do not personally know that individual. At best, all you can do is judge someone based upon your own predetermined biases. But, if you do that, what does that say about you? How does that describe the person you truly are? Are you so all-powerfully spiritual that you can see into the soul of another individual and know why they do what they do? Can you psychically peer into their past and view any life traumas that caused them to emerge as the person they have became? Or, are you simply someone so locked into the physical plane of existence that all you see is what you believe to be the obvious? How spiritual is that?

For anyone who truly understands spirituality, they understand that there are so many levels to spiritually, defined by so many different traditions and understandings, that there is never only one definition of spirituality. Are the Tantric Yogis sinner because they embrace sex in their meditative practices. Are the Indigenous-Americans or the Siddhi Yogis of India sinners because they partake of hallucinogenics? It’s all just a point of view.

Yes, you may like or not like, understand or not understand, believe or disbelieve what another person practices as their road to spiritual understanding, but just because you don’t like it or do not believe in it that does not make it wrong.

This is an important thing to keep in mind as your pass through your life. It is an important point to take to heart as you look at the life of other people. It is especially an essential point to keep in mind if you are someone who is consciously walking on the spiritual path.

If someone judges you, know that they are lost into the mindset of self-righteous indignation based upon ego not truth. If you find yourself judging others, catch yourself and stop it!

If you wish to embrace true spirituality you must allow everyone to walk their own path. If they are right and righteous, their life will prove it out. If they are wrong and unholy, their karma will catch up with them. But remember, no one: not you, not me, or anyone has the right to judge another person about spirituality or anything else. As we are not that other person we can never truly understand what makes them do what they do, believe what they believe, or what causes them to act out their role on this life stage in the manner that they portray.