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Cutting the Line for the COVID Vaccine

A little over a week ago, the first and then the second vaccine(s), promised to combat the COVID-19 pandemic this earth is facing, were released. As expected, there have been problems getting the vaccine out to the people. Last night on CNN I heard that only about ten percent of the vaccines that have been distributed have gotten out to the people in the first tier of recipients; namely first responders, hospital doctors and nurses, and the elderly living in retirement communities. That’s what I thought would happen. There is no plan.

I know a lot of people out there don’t trust and/or do not want to receive the vaccine. I get it. What are they shooting into our arms? And, what are the long-term side effects? Who knows??? But, it is the only hope we have right now. This pandemic has devastated the earth and destroyed the lives of so many people. I too have been affected, like so many-many others.

Yesterday, I was told about this person… I’m trying to find the best way to say who she is… It’s complicated… Let’s leave it at she is someone fairly close to me. In any case, is she a first responder: an EMT, a paramedic, a fireman, or a policeman? No. Is she a doctor or a nurse who must deal with the horrendous amount of people flooding the hospitals with COVID-19 everyday? No. Is she someone like a grocery store worker, a department store clerk, a Starbucks barista, or a bank teller who must go face-to-face with people everyday to pay their rent? No. What she is, is a person in a high-powered position of authority at the corporate level of a large hospital chain. But, does she go into the hospitable everyday? No, she does not. Like so many others she has been working from home for the past nine months. Yet, due to her position, she was one of the first to get the vaccine. This truly made me angry.

She has a very unique name and there was a part of me that thought to put it out there on the internet and tell the world what she did, as it would be very easy for the internet hordes to seek her out. But, that’s just not the kind of person that I am.

The fact is, what she did was and is wrong. She cut the line. She got the vaccine when so many others, who truly need it, have not. I see on the news that, here in L.A., there are many nurses protesting because they can’t get the vaccine yet the must go into the ER everyday hoping to save the lives of others. Yet, there she was, a person with power, thoughtlessly thinking of no one else but herself, and getting the vaccine before so many others, who truly need it, have not received it as of yet. That is just wrong!

After I found this out last night, (and was fairly pissed), I was asked, “Wouldn’t you get the vaccine right now if you could?” My answer, “In a perfect world, where everyone was being vaccinated, of course I would. But here, now, where the people who really need it can’t even get vaccinated, no I would not. I would give my dose to someone who really deserves it.”

So, this is life. There are people in the position of power. There are people who do not even think about anyone else when they do what they do as long as they can cut the line, get to the front, and get what they want before anyone else. It’s not right, but that is just the way it is. But, it shouldn’t be. People should have more care for their fellow human beings than this but for many, as with the case of the person just described, they do not.

For the rest of us, I hope the vaccine distribution program improves. But again, they have no plan, so I don’t know how it can. First we were told, twenty-million people would be vaccinated by the end of the year. We are now like three days away from the end of the year and only a small fraction, (about ten percent), of that have been vaccinated. This, while people are getting sick, people are dying, people are losing their livelihoods, all while some insignificant, selfish person, cuts the line and gets vaccinated when so many more deserving people should have gotten it long before her. Sad… What’s also sad is that she will probably never read this, as I am sure she doesn’t read this blog. No one will ever tell her how truly selfish and wrong she is. So, she will simply walk the path of her life, selfishly and uncaringly oblivious to the damage she has done. The person she took that vaccination from may die. Then what will be her karma? How many people are there like this person? Are you one of them?