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Alone Together

Maybe you are laying down sleeping next to someone. You are having this elaborate, very involved dream. It is all going on in your mind. You know it is happening but the person sleeping next to you has no idea what is going on in your brain.

Maybe you are on an airplane. You have fallen asleep and you are dreaming whatever it is you are dreaming. The stewardess comes to wake you up to serve you your breakfast. She has no idea of all the images, the words spoken, and the dream-life that was being lived in your mind.

Maybe you are sitting back. There is this vast fantasy going on in your mind. You are seeing it lived in your mind’s eye but that is the only place it is being lived. The person or the persons who make up that fantasy have no idea of what you and only you are envisioning in your psyche. Though you have dragged them into your fantasy, your fantasy is not their fantasy. They may not even know who you are and/or may never even think of you if they do know who you are.

How much of your life is lived only in your mind? For each of us, we live this vast second life in our dreams. A life that we have no control over. While dreaming, we encounter this vast experience that may or may not be linked to our real life but it is enacted in some abstract plane of reality that is only known by our own individual mind.

For each of us, we live at least a certain portion of our life cast to the realms of fantasy. We may envision all of the actions and fantasy-life interactions lived with other people that have no idea they were dragged into our mind’s eye of fantasy.

Some refute this style of life living as it is believed to contribute nothing to the truth of true reality. Others, as it is all they have—as their true life is unfulfilled, spend many a life hour lost in this realm of untruth. But, is it actually untruth or it is simply life not lived in the human form?

You are alone. That is the ultimate truth of reality. Though you may have one or a million people that believe they care about you, in the end, all you feel, all you experience, the you that is the true you, is only you. No one can feel what you feel. No one else can live what you live. Ultimately, you are alone.

In your alone, we each live a second life that is lost only to our own mind.

When you are gone what becomes of all the life you lived in your dreams and in your fantasies? As these moments were not lived on the physical plane of reality, where what you do actually equals something, what did all of those moments lost only to your mind actually mean?

You can live in your mind if you want to. In sleep, in dreams, we really have no choice.

You can live in your mind if you want to. But, fantasy equals nothing more than the ultimate self-ingested drug of illusion.

So, what are you going to live with your life? What will be your legacy? True reality? A reality that is lived on the physical plane of accepted actuality—a place where what you do actually changes the course of your life and the direction of the life of other people? Or, a space lost only to your own mind where nothing actually means anything—nothing more than a flash projection of a life never actually lived?