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Defining the Definition of Your Reality

There is reality. The consensus that we each possess about the outer goings on. Then, there is the individual interpretation of that reality. The place where each person sees, views, and comes to an understanding of the accepted reality based upon their own judgments and conclusions about what is taking place.
If you look to the way people interact with reality, it is easy to notice that each person has their own unique method. Some/many would define this trait as personality. From these individual definitions of reality, there have been those who have tried to categorize these traits by using systems such as: psychology (MBTI), astrology, and numerous other less than defined sciences.  The one thing that emerges from any of these mythologies is that people interpret reality somewhat differently. All you have to do is think about a time when you and someone else were setting about on a quest of doing something but when it came time to do the doing you immediately realized that they had a different plan for its execution or its desired outcome than you.
These are very basic examples of a trend that goes much deeper into the individual mind. Whereas some people are very apt at blending in with the others that they interact with, others choose to attempt to take control of the narrative and guide the mind of others to believe as they believe and do as they do. But, if your doing is guided by someone/anyone else, what does that mean to the reality of your life? Answer, you are not living your own reality you are living theirs.
Take a moment right now and think about the way you view your reality. Analyze how you are interpreting this moment in your reality. This exercise is not based on simply how you are feeling, but look deeper into the fact of how are you interpreting your reality? What are you experiencing based upon where you find yourself in your life? What are you thinking about that fact? And, most importantly, what is your definition of that reality causing you to think and to do the things that you think and do?
Most people never take the time to delve deeply into the WHY of their existence. They simply react. How about you? How deeply do you dig to find out your reason WHY?
Most people react to the way they interpret their reality, but they have no true definition of why. By living life in this manner any true ability to peel back their lavers of the thinking mind and reveal the true reality of Self are lost. By experience life in this manner all life is simply based on interpretation, desire, and reaction.
Right now, take a moment. Look deeply into yourself and truly analyze the question, “What is my reality?” Initially, of course, you will come up with some very superficial and external answers to that question. But, do not allow yourself to stop at this point. Dig deep, “What is my reality?”
People do all kinds of things based upon nothing more than an unenlightened manipulation of the generalized reality they find themselves forced to live. They say and do helpful and hurtful things. They chase down their desires. Some, even create havoc by what others allow them to do, based upon accepting the reality that individual is unleashing. But, all of that is not based upon a true understanding of reality. That is simply allowing someone else’s definition of reality to control you.
If you take the time to truly define your reality, at that point you gain access to the actuality of where you find yourself in the truth and the genuineness of your individualized life experience. You find and define your reality.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of reality. What there is, is the fact that few people actually take the time to understand what reality truly is. Don’t be that person. Track down the truth of your reality. Know who and what you truly are.