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Starting the Fight Verses Fighting the Fight Verses Non-Fighting the Fight

I forever find it curious the way people attack other people from afar. Maybe it is talking behind their back, maybe it is saying negative things on the internet, maybe it is punching them in the back of the head when they had no way to see the attack coming. Why do people find it necessary to do this? First of all, why do people want to focus on the life of someone else and attack him or her in the first place? Whatever the answer, they, none-the-less, do.

The other thing I forever find curious is the way people, who once were the secret attackers, behave when they are attacked or when they do not like the actions that others have taken towards them. Again, we find them acting and reacting to the action(s) of others but now they do so from, as I like to call it, an offensive/defensive posture. They are again attacking and attempting to cause damage but now they blame their need for attack on someone else’s instigation.

It is very easy to understand that if you live your life from a perspective of confrontation—if you live your life based upon taking actions that hurt someone else, no matter what your logic for doing so, you are going to encountering those who not only support you when you are attacking but those who are going to attack you because that is the mindset you embrace.

For most people, they do not want confrontation. They want to live their life as best as they can, doing what they do to find a means of surviving, without having to deal with the attacking protocols initiated by someone else. All you have to do is to look to your own life and ask yourself, “Do I want to be attacked?” The answer will most obviously be, “No.” Though this is the case with virtually everyone, there are those who seek to cause another person pain. This desire can be based in all kinds of psychologically motivated ideologies that emulate solely from the mind of one person but hurt only equals hurt and it only opens the door for others to hurt the person who initially caused the hurt. And, pain is never fun.

We can all agree that people should do nothing to instigate pain: emotional, physical, or otherwise, to someone else. But, just look to all those who congregate around those who do unleash the pain. Look at all of the followers and supporters they develop. They possess them at least for a little while until they too fall from favor; most commonly due to the attack instigated by someone from far—someone unseen and unknown, someone who changes the way that person is perceived.

At the heart of hurting anyone is not realizing or not caring about the fact that each person is a human being. A human being that must find a way through their existence just as everyone else, including the attacker. With each attack, that existence is harder to chart out and realize, however, because their life has become damaged.

Now, the attacker may not care about this fact. They may not care about it until they are attacked, which, as life has proven, will sooner or later come to be a reality. Even then, however, they are not looking to the attacks they have unleashed as the causation factor. They are simply looking to the pain that they now feel.

Do you ever watch as an attacker attacks someone? Do you ever witness as they grow strong in the power that they feel? Why do you think they do it? They do it to be enchased by that sense of power. …Power over the person they are attacking. Is this the way life should be live? No, of course not. But, look out to reality, look to all the people who hurt other people, are they the one’s suffering? No, at least not at the original instigation of the attack. But, once they are the one under attack, then all blame shifts from themselves. They never look to the actions they initially took that created a world of hurt, pain, and suffering.

So, what are you going to do with all this? How are you going to live your life? Are you only going to think about you? Are you going to attack from afar and never fix the damage you have unleashed? Are you never going to care about the people you have hurt? Are you only going to think about yourself when you are hurt?

Life is complex. Life is complicated. But, the one thing that life should not be is a fight. You should not instigate situations where people are hurt.

Why can’t you just do and say good thing? Say them about the people you love. Say them about the people you hate.

If you’ve done something that has hurt someone else, why can’t you be strong enough to say, “Sorry,” and try to fix it?

Living a good life is really simple to understand. Don’t attack. Don’t hurt. Don’t fight. Care about other people before you attempt to make a name for yourself via the instigation of pain. Really, it’s just common sense.