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Nostalgia is for Those Who Didn’t Live Through Something the First Time

Kinda funny, in that sad sort of way, but a memory popped into my mind this morning about this one film transfer I had done many-many years ago. I wanted to take another look at it, just to see/remember what it was and how it looked. So, I pull out and dug through my tons and tons of video tapes…
…Let me go into a sidebar here, just for a second… FYI. As a filmmaker, I have shot movies in so many formats. Plus, the world keeps quickly evolving, so those formats change, leaving me with a lot of stuff shot and stored on (now) archaic technologies. Back to the storyline…
So, after digging through and finally finding this one specific video tape, I popped it into my Super VHS deck, as that’s the level of tape the movie was on.  Nothing/nada. The deck jammed the tape. FUCK!!! So now, I’m going to have to tear the whole deck apart, if I hope to save the tape, just to get the tape out as it will not eject.
You know, as my years have continued to grow, and a lot of them are under my belt at this stage of my life, I have watched as people continually fade into illusions about the past and how it must have been better way back in the way back when. No, not really…
I know there are a few musicians out there who will only record their music on analogue tape. A couple of my friends are like that. And, I get it, music recoded on analogue tape does have the very specific something that digital will just not provide you with. But, the fact of the fact is, most people do not have the developed hearing to know the difference. So, what’s the point as it’s much harder, more time consuming, and way more expensive to record on tape?
It’s the same with filmmakers… Yes, there are some filmmakers who refuse to shoot on anything but film. And, of course, film has a much better aesthetics than digital. But, to the film watching public and to the critic, do they care? No, that just want to tear the movie apart. So again, what is the point?
I know there has been this, every-now-and-then, resurgence of people who want to listen to music on cassette tapes and to watch movies on video tape. But, for those of us who lived through that era, the first time around, did you ever have your favorite cassette, that you listened to over-and-over again, warp and get all distorted in your hot car? Did your favorite movie ever get jammed in your video deck, like mine did today, killing the tape and the deck?
Sure, old times may have been fun. Back then, life was defined by it. But, times change, you really need to adapt to the times. Live what is now. For now is all that you truly have. For later, other people will look back to your now and believe what was going on then/there was somehow better. But, was it?
PS: If anyone has a Super VHS deck out there that they want to turn me on to, let me know. Happy