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The Happiness Calculation

Most people spend their days in a state of relative mediocrity. They are not driven by, nor do they experience, intense emotion. They are simply passing through their existence doing what they are doing.   
There are those times, however, when one does feel strong emotion: intense joy, passionate love, debilitating sadness, sever fear, concentrated anxiety, or impassioned anger. These are the times that are remembered because those moments are experienced from such at state of exaltation. That does not necessarily mean that these are moments better lived, it simply means that they are moments where emotion is the driving factor of your life.
Try this experiment. Take a moment and write down a note about how many times you predict you will be happy, in love, sad, fearful, angry, or whatever other emotion you commonly experience over the next seven days. Obviously, you cannot actually know what is to occur, but try your best to predict how you will feel based upon your previous life experiences.
Put this list away for a week. Do not try to bring those predicated emotions into reality simply so that you can meet your predicted quota. Simply let your life happen.
In a week, take a moment and write down what noticeable or intense emotions you felt over the previous week. How many times where you happy, sad, fearful, full of anxiety, or angry?
Now, compare your two lists. How close were you to living the number of emotions you predicted?
What this experiment will provide you with is an understanding of not only how well you know yourself, but it will also guide you in understanding what emotions dominate your existence. If you are following a life path where negative emotions are the commonality of your life experience, this exercise will possibly provide you with a means to chart your emotions, where and why they occur, and from this you may be able to change your life pattern and not drive yourself down the road where sadness, fear, anger, or other negative emotions are allowed to breed.