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Life Isn’t Like a Bruce Lee Movie

For those people who think of the martial arts, they believe that a martial artist could easy defend themselves against an onslaught of multiple attackers with a few kicks, throws, and punches. For anyone who actually is a martial artist, however, they understand that is not necessarily truly the case.
I cannot tell you how many times people have said to me, when it is in the news that someone got attacked by an onslaught of attackers, “If that would have been you, you could have kicked all their asses.” Maybe.
Having been in more than few street fights, due to the gang ridden area I grew up in as an adolescent, and during the punk rock era, where fights were rampant, not to mention, on a few occasions, on the dark side of Southeast Asia, I understand defeating multiple opponents is not an easy task.  Sure, as a trained marital artist you have the understandings and weapons at your disposal that are not possessed by the untrained individual, but the fact of the fact is, it is complicated because you never know what’s coming at you or where it is coming from.
As any long-trained martial artist understands, when you are attacked by multiple bloodthirsty assailants, one of your best and most reliable defensive weapons is to kill them. The fact is, deadly self-defense techniques are much more easily applied that those of the much less lethal variety. Plus, once apply, that attacker will not be able to come back for more. But, there is a cost.
It’s essential to understand that in places like here in California, even if you use that level of defense in your own self-defense, it still may be viewed as murder. I knew this one man, who was a martial artist instructor. He was attacked by two knife wielding assailants. He defended himself, killing one of them. The prosecutors used his marital art training against him in court, however, and he ended up going to prison just for defending himself against those attackers. The family of the man he killed also sued him. Hard to believe that is the state of the world, but that’s what happened.
So, are you even allowed to defend yourself anymore?
This is something that few people consider. Especially those who see the martial artist as an all-powerful figurehead.
As Israel has taken to war in an effort to defeat the militant sect that enter their country raping, killing, maiming, and kidnapping their men, women, children, and babies, which we all understand is just wrong. But, people have said to me, you could have defended yourself if you would have been in that situation. My response is, “No, I probably would have been killed. Because yes, I would have fought, but how can you defeat an onslaught of heavily armed attackers that have their sights set on genocide.”  Life isn’t like a Bruce Lee movie.
Recently, I finally have gotten around to watching the acclaimed and award-winning HBO series, Succession. Sometimes, as I watch it, I have to turn it off as, based in the reason I did not watch it when it was originally broadcast, it is all about people overpowering other people, hurting others, seeking only to win at whatever cost, doing whatever it takes to destroy those who get in their way, and doing this even among their own family. I hate that kind of stuff! When I make a comment as such, my lady will say, “That’s how the world is.” She, being a major player in the corporate world, knows this to be true. The stories she has told me about what she has witnessed and experienced really just makes me feel all kinds of things in a not good way. I would hate to have to live in that world. But, the series is well scripted and well filmed. The casting and the acting are good. I’ve now just finished up the first season. Only three more seasons to go.
The point being, sure, that’s just a TV show. But, it reflects true reality. How many people are out there intentionally trying to hurt someone else? How about you? Do you do that? Have you done that? If you have, shame on you. You have made this Life Space that much worse. But mostly, how can you defend yourself against that style of attack while remaining true to yourself and emulating the positive spirit of the martial arts or whatever other path you follow?
I get it, hurtful actions go on all the time, motivated by whatever is in the mind of the individual. Some even believe they are on a mission from god. But, would a true god hurt anyone? Would a true god tell his (or her) disciples to hurt anyone? At least in the Christian faith, where god reigns supreme, isn’t hurting someone a sin? Are you a sinner?
The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way. YOU can be more than that. YOU can only focus on and project the positive.  It all begins with YOU. YOU are the one who has the power to make this world just a little bit better by only doing, saying, and living positive things.  
Think about it.