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Does Saying Something Bad Ever Equally Anything Good?

Does saying something bad ever equal anything good? My answer to this is question is obvious. No. Why is that? Because when you say anything bad, negative, or critical, you are enacting a negative form of energy. And, once any energy is instigated, it spreads outwards from that point of inception, impacting all that it encounters.

As we all understand, there are tons of trolls on the internet. People that hide behind screen names or fake names and go out there doing all kinds of waste of time nonsense. But, the people I find more curious are the ones who actually use their given names and do the same thing. There they are saying, “Hey, look at me.” But, what they are enacting is no different from the trolls. Yes, they may want the fact that they are the one stating the opinion to be noted and known but they are creating the same energy; negativity. What does negativity energy lead to? More negativity.

Some hide behind the belief that their opinion matters—that others should hear their opinion—that their opinion is worthy of guiding others… But, this is nothing more than egotism. …Believing that they know more, are better educated, or possess a more refined consciousness than anyone else. They want to be known for saying what they are saying. But, if it hurts anything or anyone, it hurts.

Some people have come to define their entire life by spending much of their free time or making a living off of critiquing the works of others. Whenever I see someone walking this path I draw their attention to the film critic team of Siskel and Ebert, as they are the prime example of what comes next by behaving in this manner. Look at how each of them died. Seriously, that’s all you have to do to see the type of energy they evoked.

The problem is, once you evoke a style of energy, you come to be defined by that style of energy. Thus, if it is based in any realm of the negative, it comes back to encompass your life. You instigated it, thus, it defines you. This is why you always see the people who do this kind of stuff failing in life and not achieving what they hope to achieve. In fact, as in the case of Roger Ebert, they encounter some hard-hitting blow back.

So, what does this tell us? Say good things, do good things. Good is always good! Bad is always bad! And, though you may gain a momentary rush by unleashing your inner angst by sending out your negativity, that momentary release may ultimately be the downfall of your entire life.