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The great mystic, George Ivanovich Gurdjieff created a very powerful meditation technique most commonly known as, The Stop Exercise.” In essence, what this meditation technique employs is that someone calls out, “Stop,” and this is exactly what you do. You shut it all down. You stop. You stop your body from moving. You stop your mind from thinking.

Once this Stop Exercise has been executed the most essential fact is that you totally Stop. If your eyes are open you do not close them or blink. If your mouth is closed, you do not open it. You completely Stop wherever you find yourself.

Once you have Stopped, it is essential that you immediately note the condition of your body and your mind. You chart how you are standing or sitting. You note how your body is feeling where you find yourself. You observe your mental condition. You check your emotions and note what you are feeling and why. If you can, you allow this Stop to allow you to chart your way down to the sourcepoint of your being.

The Stop exercise also allows you to halt all thoughts in your mind. Stop means Stop thinking. Freeze your mind and become one with the nothingness.

Some say that the Stop Exercise only can work when someone else executes it as this causes you to be forced to Stop when you never expected it. Though the random invocation of someone else calling out, “Stop,” is a great meditating motivation, many times all things that may be gained from this exercise will be lost because you do not have anyone to practice it with you. If this is the case, do not let the benefits of the Stop meditation technique go. You can practice it solo. You just have to do it from a space of consciousness where you do not plan to do it at a specific time or place or when you are in a specific state of mind. Do it randomly, when you least expect it. Stop yourself.

Another essential caveat that one can and should take into consideration as a reasoning for employing this meditation exercise is that most people spend much of their lifetime doing things either for themselves and or to or for other people. Meaning, people are either doing things for themselves believing that it will make their life better or happier or they are doing things that either help or hurt other people. Think about your life. Think about the things that you do. If you chart your existence in your mind you will instantly realize that this is true.

The Stop Exercise is a great way to remove yourself from this selfish: helpful or hurtful pattern of living. When you find yourself becoming self involved, Stop. When you find yourself thinking or doing hurtful things, Stop. When you Stop, you Stop. When you have Stopped, nothing else is actualized or damaged and from this karma and life repercussions are ended.

In this modern era, the Stop Exercise does not have to be practiced face-to-face. There are a few people I practice this technique with and we periodically text each other, “Stop.” Though not as dramatic as someone calling out, “Stop,” it definitely can have the same effect.

The Stop Exercise is a great means to force your mind to confront its Now. It causes you, if even for a moment, to move beyond the constrains of everyday reality and move into your meditative mind. From this, all kinds of new levels of realization and internal peace may be encountered.