Scott Be Positive

The Things That No One Else Cares About

I came home this AM from my morning run, and I decided to put on an LP: Regina, Curiosity. I turned on the Marantz receiver. (Vintage, of course). I put on the LP, getting ready to have it playing as my background music but the needle slides across the record. “What!” I try it again and it starts to play but then keeps skipping. “Damn it!”
My turntable is an Audio-Technica AT-LP 120. The thing about this turntable, and turntables like it is, it has very advanced and complicated system of balancing the arm and the needle. It is one of those turntables that is set up for high-quality sound design.
Ever since I’ve owned it, and this has been for a number of years now, it was and is a very time-consuming process to set it up. But, once it is set up, the sound it produces is great. But, not today.
Now, I don’t know what happened to it, ‘cause it hasn’t been moved or anything like that. But, something shifted its balance. So, there I stood, trying and trying to get it correctly set up once again, as it continued to slide across the record. Thankfully, I own another copy of that LP, 'cause my guess is that record is nowhere near in the perfect condition it was when I started this adventure.
So, there I was, FRUSTRATED. Dealing with the set-up, when all I wanted to do was play an LP. But, life and Life Stuff got in my way.
Here’s the thing, do you care about any of this? Of course not. You could care less. You’ve got your own life stuff going on. Why would you care about mine?
This is the thing about All Reality; You care about You. Maybe you are happy. Maybe you are sad. Maybe, like I, you are frustrated. But, who cares? No one except maybe your closest amigos.
Most people don’t understand this, however. When they are feeling whatever it is they are feeling, they think everyone should drop their All and their Everything and either feel happy for them feeling happy or fix whatever it is that is making them feel sad.
No one cares. That’s the main thing you must remember in life. And, if they do, good for you. But, never bank on it. Because the minute something comes up in their life that is going to shift their attention, you and how you feel will be the farthest thing from their mind.
Think I may need to go and buy a new turntable. Happy