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Think About the Other Person First

It’s not uncommon that I discuss the actions that I encounter when I am out driving. As stated many times, the way a person drives reveals what kind of person they truly are and how they will treat other life and this world as a whole.

In the news recently, they stated that even though we have been in the grips of the pandemic for over a year and a half now, 2021 was the worst year for highway fatalities in over a decade; at least here in California. I believe it. For a moment there, when the pandemic was in full swing and everything was shut down, you could drive the notoriously crowded L.A. freeways with no problem. But, that time is long gone. I have watched as people seemingly just no longer care that anyone else is on the road. I mean, people are driving crazy! Hell, just two months ago my car got totaled when this junky old Ford pickup sideswipe me. That guy got to go on with his life as he was driving a crappy old example of American steel. Me, he turned my life into a mess. But, did he/does he care? No. All he did was to think about was himself. He even lied to my insurance company. Thank god, I took photos of the accident so he didn’t get away with it. But, that’s sadly how some people behave. They care about no one but themselves.

It’s easy to see this trait in people. Just watch how they talk to, talk about, and interact with others. But, that’s not the point of this piece…

Today, I encountered an ideal example of what has become of drivers and how they think of no one else.

I went to the supermarket today to grab some salmon and veggies for dinner tonight. I bought the food, went back to my car, and started to pull out. I was about three quarters of the way out of the spot when this sedan jets by me nearly ripping into my rear bumper. If I didn’t see them and stop, there would have been an accident. Okay… That’s just how people have been driving lately. …Not giving a fuck about anyone else.

Anyway, I proceed toward the exit. There’s this stop sign at the crossroads before you actually hit the supermarket’s driveway out to the street. The car that swooped by me stops at that stop sign. What happened next, I almost couldn’t believe. I see the driver’s door open. I thought maybe the driven wanted to say, “Sorry,” to me or something like that or maybe just spit on the street like so many rude drivers do. But, the lady driver: middle aged, of Middle Eastern descent, gets out of her car and starts to walk towards the bank which was across the street. What! By this point, I’m not the only car behind her trying to leave the parking lot. I give a little honk just to let her know that there are cars trying to get out. She turns, looks at me, and continue to walk. I really couldn’t believe it. She was using that stop sign as a parking spot.

Normally, I avoid confrontation. I’ve just seen so much of the bullshit that people unleash that I just let it go. But today, I roll down my window, “Are you kidding me!” She knew what she as doing. She just waved at me, like I was supposed to drive around her stop sign parked car. “Think about the other person first,” I exclaim.

You know, here we are, the real world… Most people don’t behave like that woman. Most people try to be nice. Most people care about the other person. I know I do. I try to make everywhere I go just a little bit better. How about you? Do you zoom in behind people when they are backing out of their parking spot or do you let them pull out? Do you stop your car and park at a stop sign just because it will put you a little closer to where you want to be? This, even though you will totally hold up traffic.

You know, life is weird. People do weird things all the time. All you have to do is look around and you will see it.

I have definitely witnessed and observed that since the rebirth of driving culture emerged post the onslaught of the pandemic, drivers have changed. And, not for the better. But, that doesn’t make it right. That doesn’t make people doing rude, selfish, and uncaring things okay. But, like I say time and time again, all life begins with you. It begins with what you do. It begins by how you treat others.

How do you treat others? Do you consider them or do you only consider you? If you only consider you, is that the right way to live? And, if this/that is your modus operandi, what is your excuse for behaving like that?

I’m sure the lady today, had/has no excuse. She just doesn’t give a fuck about anyone else. But, if you hurt the life of one person, you have hurt the entire world. Then, don’t complain when bad shit comes your direction. Because you are the one who set it all in motion.

You know, when the cars stopped coming the other direction, I drove out and around her and drove on. I looked in my rear view as I finally left the parking lot. Her car was still there, while others struggled to get around her. Welcome to life.

So… All I can say is, think about the other person first. Really, it will make your, theirs, and everybody’s everything just that much better.