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The Anatomy of the Accusation

Ever since we entered into the era of the #metoo movement there has been a lot of people coming forward speaking of abuse they suffered at the hands of someone else. Add to this the #blm movement and the actions of police officers and other public officials have come under harsh scrutiny.

All bad things done to anyone is BAD. People should not say or do bad/hurtful things to anyone!

I have occasionally written about these situations in this blog over the past couple of years. I have also pointed out how some of the #metoo and #blm accusers have, themselves, been proven to be portrayers of bad deeds. But, in essence, that is not even the point—at least not the point in this piece.

Bring to mind some person you personally know or someone you know of who has pointed a finger at someone else for doing some bad deed. Look at someone who calls out someone else as having done something bad. Now, look at who that person truly is. Have they, themselves, ever done anything to hurt anyone? Or, are they perfectly pure—pure as the driven snow?

The thing is, pointing a finger, judging, or criticizing is a relatively easy thing to do. It takes very little effort. Look around you; it happens all of the time.

One of things I have noticed about a person who does a very complete presentation about the bad deeds done by someone else is that they are very rarely a pure specimens of goodness. They too have done bad deeds to others. Yet, they never mention this as a preface to judging or saying something bad about someone else. From my own personal experience(s), I look to some of the people that have done large call-outs about what someone has done to them and/or to others and I can tell you with certainty that they too have done things that have directly hurt someone else; in some cases, these people have hurt me. So, the question becomes, “If you have hurt others do you possess a righteous standing to call out the bad deeds that have been done to you?”

Now, each individual will have there own answer to this question. What is your? And, do you ever pose this question to yourself before you say something negative about or call-out the bad deeds of someone else?

No one is one-hundred percent pure. No one is without sin. Certainly, I am not. But, I do not spend my time creating presentations, or adding to the discussion about the wrongness of someone else.

The world is dominated by the internet; especially in terms of leisure time. So many people, with little else to do, spend their time focusing on, criticizing, and villainizing the actions of others. Yes, some people have done some very obviously bad things. But, more often than not, the people who others focus upon have done nothing more than live life from their own perspective and life-understanding. Yet, they are the ones people discuss, critique, criticize, and ultimately hurt. They do this when what that person has done has no direct affect on the life of those who are attacking them. Thus, what is the point? What does it prove? Ultimately, all it does is to damage the life of the person being focused upon thus creating negative karma for the person who instigates or takes part in the attack.

Your life is defined by what you do. Your life is defined by what you choose to do. Your life is defined by what you do to others. Most people, however, are so locked into a space of Self-ish-ness that they never even consider how their words or actions may damage the life of someone else. Thus, this is the birthplace for bad deeds being done to others. And, no matter how much one person wants to call-out what they think about or what someone else has or has not done to someone else, unless they are true to their own heart and can be honest to themselves and to others about the life-damage they have unleashed onto someone/anyone else, they should be silent as they too are not perfect—they too have hurt the life of someone else—they too have sinned.

Again, ponder the question, “If you have hurt others do you possess a righteous standing to call out the bad deeds that have been done to you?”