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When an Authority Speaks AKA The Truth of the Circumstance

Kinda interesting… I was watching Sid and Nancy on TCM last night. …Nothing else was really on that called to me and I had nothing more important to do…. And, as I have not sat down and watched the entire film since it was released in ’86—back when I saw it in a theatre on the silver screen, I thought I would give it another look. Anyway…  As TCM tends to do, they sometimes have, “An Authority,” speaking about a film just before and just after it is shown. In this case, they had this supposed, “Authority,” on Rock n’ Roll and Music Orientated Cinema. He made this statement, that I found quite annoying. He said, in essence, that The Sex Pistols didn’t have much of an impact on music and particularly Punk Rock, at least not at the time when they came onto the scene. Hun?
Now, I would guess this guy to be about my age. But, I imagine he was listening to bands like The Police and Blondie, at the time, believing that they were Punk.
In terms of history, the first wave of true Punk rose out of New York, spearheaded by groups like The Ramones and Patti Smith. But, when The Sex Pistols came on the scene, they helped to ushered in the era of Hardcore. If you were there, living the scene, like I was, believe me, The Sex Pistols gave a shot in the arm to a quickly fading musical landscape. They were a large part of the impetus that shifted the genera.
Now, of course, one can argue about the impetus of the foundations of The Sex Pistols; Malcolm McClaren and all that. And sure, each member of the band has their own perspective on the birth and the life of the band. Steve Jones’ autobiographical book was recently the foundations of a new theatrical TV series about the band.
…I won’t go into where Steve Jones has breakfast most days of the week. That’s an entirely different issue. Plus, though Johnny Rotten lives in Venice, I have only bumped into him once or twice. I guess that’s due to the fact that I don’t hang out in Venice very much anymore, ever since my friend moved. But, no matter how you slice it, The Sex Pistols helped to define an era, and for someone to say otherwise shows how little they know.
This all goes to the fabric and the fabrication of an, “Authority.” Think how many people are out there telling you how it is. …Telling you the, “Truth.” Presenting, “Facts.” But, if their truth and their facts are wrong, and you or someone/anyone else believes them, what are we left with? Just a bunch of lies based on referencing a person who was wrong in the first place.
In ’86 as now, I was not a fan of the movie. Though, of course, Gary Oldman did a great performance. I found Chloe Webb to be a bit too much over the top, however. But, that’s just me.
Historically accurate or not, that can be debated. Just like the movie, The Doors, (and any other movie of this style and category), the creator(s) takes artistic license in telling the story of the band and the band members. But, to diminish the contribution of the band, via the words of a supposed, “Authority,” truly reduces the truth of the circumstance.
This is an important thing to think about next time you are listening to an, “Authority,” on any subject. Most, “Authorities,” simply try to shift a pattern of belief and make other people believe what they believe, whether what they believe is based in truth, fact, or simply individual supposition. So, you’ve got to be careful who you listen to and why.
Remember, when somebody tells you something, question it. Question their words. Question their facts. And mostly, question their reason for telling you anything. Because in many cases all they are telling you is a lie based on the way they want to believe their own conjuring of a false narrative founded in their own suppositions about something that they did not personally live and cannot ever truly understand.