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Step Back in Time

For each of us there are those memories that are very prominent in our mind. The first time you did something. When that very special something happened. Even when that negative something occurred. Those things were big. Thus, they are vividly remembered.

Then, there are those other things. Small things. No big deal events. Yet, for some reason, every now and then, they come to your mind. Not once but repeatedly. Why?

Here’s the exercise for the day. Bring one of those memories into focus. One of those memories you periodically remember but they were just a passing moment of your life.

Think back ten years. If you’re an old guy like me, think back twenty, thirty, or forty years deep. Look for one of those memories that continually comes to mind.

Once you have isolated that memory, calm your mind. Let your random racing thoughts dissipate. Truly focus on that event. Remember it exactly. Take your mind back in time and really feel the event. Do things like remember what lead up to the event. Think and find the words that were spoken. Go deeply into that memory and experience the feelings that you were feeling. Truly explore and relive that moment in your mind.

What will come from this exercise will be a bit different for each person. But, it will truly allow you to see who you were back then, what you were thinking, and what you were feeling. From this, you may come to a new conclusion of where and why you have arrived where you have in your life. How what you were feeling then lead you to what you are feeling now. Perhaps, you may even find an unrevealed clue as to why that memory has stayed in your mind—why it comes to your mind periodically. You may even learn that the passing event means much more to your life and your life’s evolution than you initially thought that it did.

Step back in time and you may learn a lot about yourself and why you have ended up where you have ended up.