Scott Be Positive


Have you ever had somebody do something really inconsiderate to you? I’m sure you have. We all have. …Something that really messes with a moment (or longer) of your life. Don’t you hate that?
Some inconsiderate things are done intentionally. Those are the worst. The person knows what they are doing, and they do it to do it anyway, consciously knowing that it will negatively affect you and/or your life.
Other people are inconsiderate, but they do it unknowingly. In some ways (I guess) that is forgivable. …Depending on the circumstance. But, them not calculation or understanding what they are doing does not make it any less life debilitating.
There’s the small situations of inconsiderate behavior. Those passing moments, that just pass by. But, in those passing moments, they can be quite annoying.
Yesterday, I was driving and I was in one of those left turn lanes waiting on the left arrow light. It was at one of those intersection where it takes a long time for the light to change. Anyway, the left arrow comes on but none of the cars in front of me move. I give a little beep on my horn as maybe the front car is messing around on their phone or something. Nothing, no movement. Finally, I see that a guy is walking very slowly across the street against a red light. When he finally passes, the two cars in front of me jam through the intersection against a yellow then red light. Me, I’m stuck waiting for the long light to change again.
I look over at the guy, slow walking. He was just your very average white guy. Very clean cut and his clothing was clean. He was wearing a clean tee-shirt, shorts, a baseball cap, and carrying a backpack. To see him, under any other circumstance, you would never take any notice. Then, I notice that he begins talking to himself and making subtle but weird hand gestures. So, maybe he is high, maybe he is mentally ill, maybe he is on the spectrum, maybe??? But, due to who he is and the choice he made, what he did was inconsiderate.
Who’s to blame? Him for not caring about the affect he is having on others or me for being impatient?
Today, I was driving home from breakfast. I have to turn right up at this one street but the car in front of me was going very-very slow and riding their breaks their entire way. Frustrating… When they finally turn, they come to a complete stop mid turn. I could see the driver, an elderly lady, was trying to figure out where to go and/or how to get there. Dead stopped in the street, cars cueing up behind me. What was she thinking? Who was she thinking about? Anybody but herself? No. Equaling, inconsiderate.  
…If you’re too old drive, you really shouldn’t drive.
Those are two very small examples in the grand spectrum of life. But, they clearly illustrate the how being inconsiderate is based upon one person thinking only about themselves.
It’s easy to find a time in your memory banks when someone was inconsiderate to you. But, take a moment right now and think about a time when you were inconsiderate to someone else. Really chart that moment out.
Now, here’s the problem in this… As being inconsiderate is based in a selfish act, you thinking about nothing but your own space of reality, do you even know all of the times you have been inconsiderate? Do you even know all of the damage you created by you being inconsiderate? Maybe the person or persons did not tell you. Maybe you were so lost in your own mind that you did not even know or notice what you had done.
Isn’t that the true definition of being inconsiderate? You only thinking of you.
But, back to the fact… Chart out a time that you did some inconsiderate something to someone. Who was it? Why was it? What motivated you to do it? Would you do it again? But, most importantly, what did you do after the fact? Did you apologize? Did you try to right your inconsiderate wrong? Or, as most inconsiderate people do, did you just dismiss that other person’s displeasure about what you did?
All life is based upon life interaction. What do your life interactions equal? Are they giving, caring, and thinking endeavors? Or, are they simply based in you thinking about you, equaling your inconsiderate actions?
Think about it? Who do you want to be? How do you want to be thought of and remembered? …As someone who cares about the all and the everyone else or someone who is just inconsiderate?