Scott Be Positive

Walking On a Road to Nowhere

I think if we look to the current situation with North Korea, and how they just launched a ballistic missile across Japan, we can question, why are they behaving in that manner? Their people are starving, they are a lone wolf trying to prove some point that no one else even understands, yet they continue to walk down a road to nowhere. If they would just stop, if they would simply open up, they could become a part of the world community, and their people could flourish.
Their behavior is nothing new. It has been going on since the end of the Korean War. But, when something is not working, why do some people refuse to change the path they are on?
I think if we look to the people we know or have known in our own lives, we can see this same pattern of behavior. Some people simply take to a road and they refuse to leave it, no matter how much their life, based upon that chosen road, is not working. We can ask, why? But, some people will simply not change.
I think to people I have interacted with. …Some people who spend years attempting to enter the film industry, I provided them with a pathway, but due to their own inner-developed demons, (for lack of a better term), they sabotage the relationship. Thus, they are left with nothing more than the ever-remaining desire to make movies. But, if they had followed the path of others that I, (and other people), had opened the door for, they could have lived the life they hoped for.
This is the same with people I have known in the world of the music business, (via its expansive nature). Some I have known, I believe, should have become successful. But, they did not. Then, they were left fighting for money for the rest of their life. Did they change? No. Yet, they could have. I even suggested some very concrete methods for this one music business owner to get back on his feet financially. But, he was stubborn. He didn’t even try. At one point, a guitar collector friend he had passed away and left him his entire collection to liquify and pay off his debt to this one woman who had loaded him a large amount of money. The guy sold most of the collection and kept a large part of that money for himself, however, not paying off all of the debt. That’s just not right. What kind of a friend is that? And, here’s the thing, we all need money to survive, but if what you are doing to get that money involves you stealing from someone else, shouldn’t you reconsider the road you are on?
Like I joking say, if you can’t swim, don’t dive into the ocean. But, this is what people do. Then, even though they can’t swim, they keep trying to survive—they keep treading water, trying to keep from drowning. But, is that how life should be lived in a constant state of struggle? I don’t think so.
There’s the thing, we all want what we want. We all have a dream. We all want to live our life they way we wish to live it. We all want to do things the way we want to do them. But, if it ain’t workin,’ it ain’t workin.’ If you want to live a life of peace, embracing a greater and a better wholeness, you need to be willing to adapt and change. Sure, maybe you will not be living on the grand scale you hoped to achieve, but is your living in chaos a better alternative? Probably not. Be willing to change the road you are walking upon and your life may become a whole lot better. Think about it…