Scott Be Positive

Ready for Anything

A lot of people believe that they can, but they can’t. A lot of people believe that they can, but they shouldn’t. A lot of people want to do, but very few can actually do. A lot of people live in a space of ego-driven assuredness, but as they do not possess the developed ability to manifest the reality that is held only within their own mind, they can never bring what is in their mind into the realm of physical actuality.
I was watching this reality show, that was shot in Singapore, the year before the pandemic last night. You know, just one those things that don’t cause you to think too much; to waste some time before something better comes on the horizon to watch on TV or to do in life.
Anyway, there is this one pop singer on the show who was about to shoot a new music video. She was divided between having this established director or one of her production hopeful friends do the shoot. The pro was ready to go. Her friend, however, as he was inexperienced, was locked in the stage(s) of development. They needed it shot fast, so they went with the pro, through her friend had hyped his hiring, (which he apparently thought he was), up to his family, friends, etc. That’s just the backstory for you but has little to do with this piece.
As the girl and her team were discussing the need for the music video to be done quickly, I realized and actually said out loud, “I could go out there and shoot that music video right now, have it done by morning, and have it edited the next day. Plus, I could shoot it on my iPhone and it would still look great.” Now, this is not about ego, it is about prepared development and the reason why so many people, heading small productions, do not make it through to completion. They don’t know what they are doing. They don’t know how to make small look big. They do not have the ability to bring what they see in their mind into reality. Or, as in the case with her filmmaking friend, he had some really big ideas, but he did not know how to make them a reality.
Back when I was teaching a lot of courses on filmmaking, I always taught my students that if you cannot go out there and shoot a really good piece with just a camera, and no lights or anything, you do not know how to make a film and you cannot be a true filmmaker. In fact, it was one of the assignments I would give them; to go out and create a Short using nothing but available light. Of course, I would teach them how to work with available light and how to guide it and make it work to their advantage during the course. But, it was them that had to do it. Some of my students created some great projects via that assignment.
Here’s the thing, people love to get locked into their mind. They love to write elaborate scripts that could only be filmed with vast budgets. They become lost in the false hope that no-budget will look like big-budget. And sure, there are a lot of people who criticize Zen Filmmaking. But, like the friend who hoped to be handed a life-changing music video opportunity, how much cinematic magic have they created? Criticism is easy. Doing is so much harder.
What I am saying here is, in life, at least living the life you hope to live, it is all about developing the ability to DO. It is all about mastering the skills necessary to make what you see in your mind a reality. Then, if an opportunity presents itself, you can say, “Yes, I can.” And, “In fact, let’s do it right now!”