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The Questions You Can Never Ask

Last week, the great film director Peter Bogdanovich passed away. He was one of those seminal directors that somehow fell from grace in the film industry long before he should have. He did some great-great films early in his career and some exceptional little-known works past that point. Why he fell from grace, I do not know? But, nonetheless, he did.

I never met Bogdanovich. I guess that is my fault as I never tried. Growing up in Hollywood, I was just never that impressed with celebrity. That has always caused me to kind of avoid the whole, “Industry,” thAng. This being said, Bogdanovich was one of those filmmakers that I wish I could have asked several questions about the hows and the whys. But, now he is gone. I can’t ask.

Back in the day, Don Jackson was on top of the all and the everything Hollywood. Hailing from the midwest, he was far more star stuck than I could ever be. He was really on top of things and he got us invited to a lot of the very high-end industry gatherings where we would rub elbows with the Hollywood elite. Again, at the time, I was never that impressed. But, looking back, I can say that those were some very interesting and memorable events. The stories I could tell… Though there were tons of connections I probably should have made and questions I should have ask, I simply existed in my own Zen.

As you may know, my father died when I was ten. I was just a kid. The thing about being a kid is that you do not ask a person a lot of those probing questions that you do as you get older. You don’t find out those life defining factors that lead them to be who and what they became. As he died when I was so young, I never questioned some of the questions that have remained in my mind. At best, I got second-hand answers. But, can second-hand answers ever truly be believed? Thus, there are many things about my father that I will never know.

When I look out to the world, I see and hear that a lot of people know a lot of things about a lot of people. They make all of these claims about someone based upon what??? Speculation at best because they never asked that person about their truth. What kind of knowledge is that? The fact is, it is not knowledge at all, it is simply ego-inspired guess work.

The point of all of this is, you really need to ask questions. You really need to ask questions of and from the people you have questions for. Because if you don’t, they will die and you will never know the truth of a true answer.