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The Placement of Your Priorities

In life, what do you commonly think about? For most, they think about what they are feeling in a particular moment, what they want, what they think about someone or something else, how can they get what or who they want, or maybe just a whole lot of random nothing. In life, the thought process is commonly pretty normal; you think the way you think and that is what you think about. Then, something unexpected happens. Maybe you get sick. Maybe you get in a car accident. Maybe you slip and hurt yourself. Maybe someone does some big something that really hurts you or makes you very angry. Whatever it is, something big happens and then all your thoughts are forced to think about that.

Think about it… Think about a time when everything you think changed all of sudden and your thoughts were forced to be thinking about something that you probably didn’t want to be thinking about. We’ve all had those moments. What did you do when yours occurred?

Now, think about someone else’s something—something when they were forced to think about something. Me, right now, I think about (I remember) this one girl who had gotten into a car accident. That always sucks. You are forced to deal with all of that stuff that you really don’t want to deal with. Your thoughts and your emotions are forced to focus on a place that your mind would rather not be. Wouldn’t you rather be thinking about that stuff you normally think about?

Anyway, the girl because she was a girl, and having somewhat of an internet presence, she put it out there that someone had smashed into her car, totaling it, so she needed a new car. She offered to do things like send people signed photos if they sent her some money. I sent her some money. Happy to do it. …Nothing wrong with that. It was kind of like barter; I give you something for something you give me. For her, she may have known that her being who she was, she could gain some sort of… …I’ll use the word sympathy for a lack of a better term. So, she got money. And, that’s great.

Her thought process was she needs something—money to buy a new car. She reached out to the world and the world responded. But, why?

For example, if someone ran into and totaled my car, (which actually recently happened), and I needed money, I seriously doubt if I put it out there to the world anyone would respond. How about you? If you put it out there, who, if anyone, would respond? The last time you were forced into thinking about Something Big in your life who else cared?

You see, there’s this whole weird play of consciousness that people fall prey to and never truly analyze. Girls, particularly internet girls, have this vast advantage because they are locked into the realms of fantasy. …Something that dominates the minds of most males. These men, (or sometimes women), see a passageway to some sort of undefined something with that seemly knowable person in the realms of cyberspace. But, no matter the reason their focus is drawn to a particular individual, it gives them something (more than the nothing) to think about. If they can help that person, even better. Then, they have a purpose.

But, think about this, we are all drawn to what and to whom we are drawn to, but why are we drawn to them? When you are drawn to a particular person, do you ever truly analyze the reason for your attraction—particularly in the case of someone you will most probably never meet in person and if you do it will only be on the most superficial of levels? Probably not. Why? Because the fantasy is the fantasy and in fantasy all realms of possibly are possible. It give you something to think about.

So, think about this… How much of your thoughts are based upon what is not cast to true reality? How much of your thoughts are based upon the possibilities only seen in your own mind? How much of what you do is based upon your thinking about the abstract compared to how much of what you think about is based upon hardened reality?

Again, this brings us back to the point, when something intense occurs that is what you think about. You are forced to think about it. But, most of life is not like that; though some people do seek out that intensity because then it provides them with a reason to truly feel. But, that’s a wholly separate subject…

All that being whatever, your life is your life and your life is defined by what you think and why you think it. So, what do you think and why do you think it? Do you ever take the time to truly analyze this process within yourself. Most people don’t. In fact, at best, most people lie to themselves about what they think and why they think it. But, if you do not know why you think what you think (even in moments of intensity) you cannot get down to the essence of who you truly are and why you are where you are in life.

Think about it…