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The Goodness That You Speak

Buddhism and many other formalized religions detail that the process of Right Thought is one of the primary components to living a good life. As what you think leads to what say and what you do, a refined since of thought is what will set the stage for your entire life. But, most people never think about what they are thinking; they simply allow their thoughts to run wild. This, then, leads to a life defined by undefined words and actions that lead to a less than ideal existence for the individual and all those they think about or encounter.

Right now, what are you thinking about? Who are you thinking about? How about ten minutes ago? How about one hour ago? How about yesterday? For most, their thoughts are a rapidly traveling set of abstract patterns that are solely controlled by whatever life situation has passed through their periphery of experience. Few ever attempt to investigate why they are thinking what they are thinking and what has influenced them to the think what they have thought.

Obviously, the words you speak are based upon what you think. If what you think is not thought out in a controlled pattern of realization then what you speak is nothing more than a projection of those undefined thoughts.

Do you think about what you are about to say before you speak? Do you question how your words are going to impact the world around you? Do you ponder how what you say is going to affect the person you are speaking with and/or the person you are speaking about?

Have you ever been in the presence of a very positive person who is constantly saying very positive things? How does that make you feel as an individual? Pretty good I would imagine. You walk away from any conversation you had with that person with an uplifted spirited and a positive outlook on life.

What about the person who is just the opposite? Have you ever been in the presence of a person who is negative and critical of people and all things life? How do you feel when you leave a conversation with that person? Most likely you will be experiencing angst and possibly even anger.

Of course, there are the people who say what they say with a smile on their face but what they are conveying is a very negative or judgmental mindset. They are a whole other breed that you have to be very careful of. But, as they fall into the category of negative speech, all you have to do is look to your feelings after you have encountered them to understand the essence of what they are communicating.

What you say defines your entire life experience. Think about a verbal confrontation you may have had in the past. What was said? Very negative things most probably. Think about a time someone said something very insulting to you or about you. What emotions and/or possible physical actions did that lead to? Assuredly nothing good. But, those are the obvious cases. Think about when someone has said something negative about someone other than yourself. How did that make you feel? Most probably, it motivated you to experience enchased emotions due to the fact that this person is either guiding your thoughts towards negativity or you are frustrated by what they just spoke.

The guidance that a person has over another person, due to what they say, leads us to the essence of the power of speech and why what you say or what you listen to has the potential to define your entire existence. But, do you ever think about this or do you simply speak—or do you simply listen? If you do not speak, if you do not listen with a very cultivated sense of refined thought all that occurs is that you spread unrefined interpersonal turmoil to the world around you or you are guided down a road of crude and chaotic emotions that has been paved by someone else.

But, here comes the kicker, most people don’t care. Most people do not possess the desire to refine their consciousness. They simply want to feel. What they feel is almost unimportant as long as they feel. And, as negativity is such a powerful emotion they are quite happy to feel that. Thus, they listen to those who embrace negativity in their speech. They speak negativity in order to invoke that emotion in others. Take a look at the world around. Listen to the words spoken anywhere you are. What do you hear?

Are you strong enough to take control of your thoughts? Are you strong enough to take control over what you say? Are you strong enough to only project positivity? Are you strong enough to actually make the world just a little bit better place by only saying what you say in a positive and refined manner?

The world begins with you. Speak positivity.