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The Sound

I really love the subtitles of sound. I love nature. I love the waves. I love the wind. I love the rain. I love music. I just love to listen.

Sadly, like many people of my era, I have tinnitus. So I hear a ringing in my ears all the time. Too much loud music back when I was young. I used to love to go to concerts and night clubs. I used to jam and play music with my Marshalls and my Gibson SGs. Back then, back in the day, the SG was my favorite guitar. Then too, I loved sound. I searched for the perfection in the sound.

Though I hear the ringing, I still always seek out the perfection of the sound; whatever that sound may be. As such, I am always seeking that new whatever, to find that sound.

Back in the day, a decade or two deep, you could really find some great audio equipment at thrift stores. There is just something great about the simplicity of the all that once was. It’s true, tube amps just sound better. Vinyl records sounds better than digital music. Old audio equipment just presents an essence in the sound that the newer stuff does not, no matter how hard it tries.

Like I said, way back in the way back when, you could find some great sounding equipment. No more. It is almost all gone. A lot of people have just trashed their audio systems over the years. Combine that with all the people who decided to make eBay their workplace so they buy everything they can find and sell it for top dollar. So, it is uncommon to find anything.

Every now and then, however, I do find that special something. I bring it home and hook it up. Then, I just listen.

My problem is, I don’t live in some gigantic house. I see some people who have great studios or listening rooms in their homes on-line. I wish… Me, I live in a small place. So, I am constantly confronted with what do I do with THAT when I buy a new THIS? It’s really hard. Hard, because I can’t keep it all. I can’t have it all set up. Though each piece of that sound equipment deserves its own individualized set up, as each provides that perfect something that the other component does not offer.

This is one of the complications of life. It is also the main reason to practice Non-Attachment. If you want nothing, you are free. If you care about nothing, you have nothing to win or lose. But, if you love anything, as abstract as that anything may be, that anything will hold you bound to the ways of the world and from there you will be confronted with decisions that you do not want to make.