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Your Involvement in the Scene

When you are asleep and having a dream, what participation do you have in that dream? Most likely, you are in the middle of the happenings. Maybe you are to one side witnessing what is happening to someone else. But, you are there. You are interactive with the central action of that play.

Though most will conclude that dreams are nothing more than something that is happening in the mind of one specific individual, they are nonetheless an ideal example of human reality—of your reality. You are there, you are living, you are acting out, you are witnessing the doings of others, you are a participant. If you were not there, you would have no idea about what was taking place.

Your life is very much like this. The living of your life is very much like this. Your life is based upon your participation in any life situation and only you know what is truly going on because you are the one living it.

Think about your life. Think about the things you have lived. Think about what you are living now. Who is living it? The answer: you are living it. All of your reality is based upon what you are doing.

Think about any life situation you have lived. It was you who lived it. Maybe you loved what was going on, maybe someone was making you very happy, maybe you hated what was going on, maybe someone really pissed you off, but you were at the center of it. It was you living that moment. Maybe you were somewhere where you were totally board. But, who was feeling that? You.

Sometimes we witness the life interactions of others. Sometime we watch something that makes us happy, makes us sad, makes us laugh, or makes us cry. Mostly, we watch a whole lot of life go by. We watch people passing us by all the time: talking, driving, walking, and doing what they do. Though we have no involvement in their life actions, nonetheless, it is we who are witnessing it. Thus, it all makes up the life experience of our lives.

Have you ever had someone describe a life story that you lived? Maybe they even lived it with you but when they tell the story something is missing, something is not quite right. Why is that? Because it is not you telling the story. Their life assessment and terms of experience are different from your. Even if they were there, even if they lived that moment with you, their definition of that experience is based upon their own conception of reality. Each person’s definition of reality is always, at least partially, different from someone/anyone else’s.

So, what does all this tell us? It tells us that you must embrace your reality, you must live your life, you must experience your life to the best of your ability; no matter if your love or if you hate what is going on. Why? Because the experiencing of your life is all you have. It is only you truly experiencing it. If you space out, if you tune out, if your turn off, all that you have lived is lost because you are the only one who is truly living your life.