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You Really Can’t Have an Opinion Anymore

This whole #cancelculture thing has really gotten out of control. It is really pretty scary to watch how the moment one person voices their opinion and their opinion goes against the gain of anyone else all of a sudden they are fired or required to, “Step down,” from their job. Certainly, this is most prominent for people who are in front of a camera, in front of a microphone, or are in-print but why can’t a person be allowed to think what they think even if it does go against the grain of whatever political correctness that is taking place in whatever current situation? Why does everything everyone thinks and maybe spurts out by mistake have to become a nail in the coffin of their life? Why can you no longer just say what you think and feel? Why can’t you have an opinion?

This has been going on for a while now. Just think of all of the people who have been removed from their position because they stated that they understand or approve of something that may have been okay a few years back but is now forbidden. Why can’t a person think what they think? And, if a person is hiding what they really think and believe, and covering it up with some falsehood, doesn’t that make them a hypocrite? Is that the kind of person who should be okay’ed?

Now, I get it. We are in a time of rapid cultural change. …At least here in the U.S… And sure, a lot of bad has been done to a lot of people in the past. I’m not taking about any of that. Bad is bad is bad. Don’t say or do bad things! What I am talking about is that most of the people who have recently been brought down for their
opinion have simply been saying what they think about a subject that perhaps they have not truly thought out. Or maybe, what they say is a completely an innocent off the cuff response to a question they did not expect. It doesn’t make them a bad person!

I have watched, in the media particularly, how someone will voice their opinion or make an off-color joke and be gone the next day. You can watch as oftentimes the person asking the question or the person who instigated the conversation takes pride in their having taking that person down. What about that? What about that kind of an attitude? Shouldn’t that be a reason for a person to lose their job? But, it’s not.

This whole #cancelculture thing is all about attack. It is all about being judgmental. Isn’t being like that bad? Shouldn’t that style of behavior be criticized?

You know, we are all human beings… We are all created, reared, and indoctrinated where we were schooled in the ways of the world. We were created by our society and by where we found ourselves in our society. We all say or do things that, assuredly, someone else is not going to like. But, attacking on any level, judging on any level only leads to confrontation. And, at the root of all things
right in the world, confrontation is wrong. Hurting is wrong.

Does anyone have the right to hurt someone simply because they do not like what they think or say? Does anyone have the right to hurt you simply because of what you think or say?

For all of these people who are in attack mode… For all of these people who want to bring people down… You really should think about what you are actually doing because sooner or later someone is not going to like what you think or say and then it will be you who is brought if we allow this style of behavior to become the norm.