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A Dream Within a Dream Within a Dream

I was asleep having a dream. In that dream I woke up into another dream. I was telling a person in that second dream that I was dreaming about them in my other dream. Interesting, I had a dream about having a dream. I don’t think that has ever happened before.

In Sanskrit, the term for dream is, “Savpna.” The word for dreaming is, “Savpana,” But, the word that describes the fact that life is a dream, an untrue reality is, “Dirghasvapna.”

From the Hindu perspective of consciousness, and in fact other Eastern spiritual traditions such as Buddhism, it is taught that life is a dream. It is an unreal reality that is simply a projection of the thinking mind.

Let’s look at this concept for a moment. Think about your life. First of all, how much control do you really have over it? Yes, you make your own decisions based upon your set of predetermined presented choices. But, what control do you really have over reality? Do you control the weather? Can you control acts of god like earthquakes? Can you even control the actions of others with an level of absolute power? The answer to all of these questions is, no. You have, at best, minimal control over any of them and all of those other Life Things.

This is the definition of reality. This is the definition of your reality. Yet, people hold fast to the concept that they are in control when they are anything but.

To take this study a little bit deeper… What defines your reality? Is it not defined by what you believe?

There is all this stuff going on Out There. Yet, each person places their own interpretations, characterizations, and explanations onto these phenomena. Go to any church of any religion and there will be people in attendance seeking answers to their life questions and there will be someone there providing them. But, who is that all-knowing person and do they really know the Absolute Truth of anything or are they simply the one with the most highly developed ego believing that they know things that others do not?

What this tells us is that each person’s reality is different. As it is different, there is no one reality that defines us all.

In the Western traditions of spirituality, all things are very cut and dry. There is right and there is wrong, there is good and there is bad. These factors are defined by individual religions and secularized sects within that religion. From this, people are taught the definition of reality that they are supposed to accept. But, there is no one universal truth. So, is what one religion or one person saying the actual truth or is it simply their interpretations of reality that others have come to and/or are supposed believe?

What this leaves us with is the Dream. The projection of what our mind envisions broadcast onto the reality of the reality that we are forced to interpret.

You live where you live. I live where I live. You do what you do. I do what I do. You believe what you believe. I believe what I believe. And, though we may try to share our beliefs and understandings with one another, your world can never be my world, just as my world can never be your world. What does this leave us with? A dream we each are living, defined in our own mind. A dream that we attempt to tell someone else about by stating, “You were in my dream.” Then, you wake up.