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I guess it was yesterday, but this troll of a jerk-off said some really rude things to a congress woman as she walked past him, invoking her sexuality and her race. The guy is a total loser! You may not agree with a person’s politics or their political stance, (or anything else you may not like about a person), but that does not give you the right to treat any individual (especially a woman) with anything less than total respect. What happened to being a gentleman?
As we all know, this style of behavior goes on all over the place. From one perspective, it is based in one or more people simply being a rude, low-level jerk. From another perspective, this style of behavior is based upon provocation. I mean, the guy and his actions were obviously being recorded so he could gage and document the congress woman’s behavior. Think if she would have gone off at the guy, which she had every right to do. But if she had, all of the focus of the news, on-line, and elsewhere, would have been on her behavior, not on the causation factor that was implemented by the rude things that guy said.
Though TMZ has now become somewhat of a go-to news source, what many of you may not know or remember is that prior to TMZ, the forces behind the network, previously did a show where they followed paparazzi around and recorded the very rude things they would say to celebrities just to get them to freak out, throw a punch, or whatever. I mean, certain people understand that by provoking a person, well-known or not, that it can equal them doing damage to that person’s life and reputation or equal them getting money via a lawsuit. It is really a very low-level of human consciousness. But, it goes on all the time.
There is a lot we can learn from this occurrence, however. One, don’t be that person! Don’t be the rude jerk. Not only does it ultimately make you look bad, but it diminishes the whole human experience immensely. I mean, people who have accomplished something should be treated with respected, not only due to the fact that they did accomplish something, but, and moreover, they are in a position to move society and human consciousness further along. The people who attack these individuals are simply trying to ride on their coattails for fame, money, or whatever.
The second thing to learn is that all people deserve to be treated with respect. First of all, all women should be held in the highest of regard. That is just what a gentleman does. But, female or male, if everyone is treated with respect, that not only makes their life experience better, which will cause them to move forward in a more refined and successful manner, possibly doing good things for the world, but, via observation, all people can learn that by being nice, being kind, being caring, being helpful the all and the everyone of life enter into a more joyful, caring, happy, and righteous consciousness.
Always be more than less. Never hurt. Never attack. Never not care.