Scott Be Positive

Parking Lot Talk

Sadly, I had to go to a funeral yesterday. That’s one of the sorrowful realities about life, the older you get, the more people you witness passing on.
The funeral was for my aunt in-law. The wife of my wife’s mother’s brother. Good lady. She was born in Japan occupied Korea. So, due to the brutal occupation of Japan, the conditions of her early life were not good. I think most people don’t think about stuff like that anymore, Japan’s occupation of places like Korea and Eastern China and all the devastation that they brought. Anyway, she was here, lived her life, had five sons, and now she is gone. It’s never easy when someone you know passes on.
I think most Westerners don’t know about this fact, but the Christian Church is really the lifeblood of modern Korean-American society. It is at the heart of their culture. One may question, why did this group of Asian peoples so heartily adopted a religion that was not their own, but that is an entirely different subject. Nonetheless, it is what truly runs, entirely, through their culture. As such, most Korean-Americans attend Sunday service.
Ever since I first became involved with the Korean-American community, as a young boy, via the martial arts, I would periodically interact with this Korean church going culture. It is a sight. Every Sunday, go to any Korean-American church and there is tons of people, true believers, in attendance. But, before I get too far off point…
As my aunt in-law was Korean, her Korean minister provided the service yesterday.  As he was giving his eulogy, he brought up the fact that she never participated in, “Parking Lot Talk.” I’d never heard that term before. But, he described it as what many in the congregation do after the service. They go out into the parking and complain about whatever, gossip, and the like. If you know anything about Korean culture, this is a very common mindset. I just never heard it labeled before. But, the minister spoke of how she never did this. Instead, she worked to try to make things better.
“Parking Lot Talk,” it made me think about how so many people base their life on this mindset. Particularity now, in this age of the internet, all a lot of people do is talk about nothing, complain, criticize, and gossip. But, how few step up to the plate and do something that truly makes the world a better place?
The minister spoke about how my aunt in-law would do things like help clean up the trash in the parking lot, help to put a tarp over a leaking roof on the church, and the like. Though some may consider these small things, if those things are not attended to, how will anything get better? If those things are not done, things will only get worse.
Life is only lived for a very short amount of time. It’s here and then it’s gone. It’s always sad to witness those we know, those we care about, and those we like or respect, pass on. Me, I’m getting rather long in the tooth, as the old saying goes. Me too… I won’t be around that much longer. How about you? Where do you find yourself on the stage of life? How about those you know and care about? Where are they in their life-scape? We’re all only going to be here, in life, for a moment. Is all you’re going to do based on Parking Lot Talk? Or, are you going to get out there and do something positive and make the world a better place?  
That eulogy was an interesting place to gain a new realization. One I never saw coming. We all need to stop the Parking Lot Talk and get out there and pick up the trash.
RIP Wesungmo. Thanks for creating your sons who, two of them, helped me produce a couple of my books. Thanks for your and all of their friendships. Thanks for the holiday dinners. Thanks for being a part of the life play I lived! You are remembered. You will be missed.