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Erased from the Picture

If you ever frequent places like flea markets, you will have the opportunity to see some very interesting people. Sure, most everyone at those events are pretty much a reflection of the time and the culture of wherever that flea market is being held. But, within that mix of normality, you will view some interesting specimens of humanity. …Those who dress different, those that hold and present a unique style in their exhibition, and those you can tell hold true to their own identity compared to that of the masses of the masses.
Having been a fan of flea markets forever, I have gone to the various ones of wherever I find myself in life forever. In that going, I began to take notice of those few people who live in that category of really presenting their own unique style. I would see them at whatever swap meet they would frequent every month, as that is generally when a specific flea market takes place; once a month.
When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, and everything was shut down, there came a break in the going, however. No more flea markets, at least for a time.
Even when society began to reopen, there was that fear of transmission, so face masks were everywhere and social distancing was at the paramount, even for the few who would venture out into the masses. Once all of that started to fade, I could begin to take notice of the social surroundings once again. In that noticing, I realized that some of the unique and artistic figures of the reality of these functions were no longer in attendance. My only guess is that COVID got them; because, previous to that, they were fixtures at these events.
Before that moment in history, I was always looking forward to seeing them. To see the image they would present. It is sad that they are gone, (by whatever cause).
If you think about your reality, how much do you fit into the greater whole of that Reality and how much to the Different, via your own unique presentation of your own humanity to the what is commonly out there? Most, fit in. Others do not. You can always see them in the out in the out and about. They are the ones that present their Art, via their clothing, their hair, their whatever—however that art is defined in their own mind.
Are some of the people a little off? Sure, probably. But, so what. As long as they are hurting no one, isn’t it better to be the Art instead of being the Same?
When people are young, they choose to represent. If they can afford it, they may wear the tee-shirt of a band they really like, maybe their school (or gang) colors, whatever it is that they can lay claim to that makes them who they are. As time goes on, however, most simply fall into becoming one of the same. Good or bad, that’s reality.
But, then there are those—those who never lose the art. They live it throughout their life.
Where do you find yourself in that equation? Do you conform or do you present the art?
Everyone has a reason for doing what they are doing. Some are simply more off the accepted path, in the reality of their doing. But, it is in those people where divergence is giving birth to. Those are the ones who truly live their art.
Who do you want to be? The same or the artists? Think about it.