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Julia Strain: Photos In the Wake of Yesterday

I was kicking around a few antique stores over the weekend. I was in one and I noticed a poster of Julie Strain. It is one of those more-or-less common posters that was created by Olivia. Once upon a time, in the long ago and the far-far away, you would see a lot of that art piece in the comic book shops and art orientated stores. Now, times have changed, you don’t see it very often. Plus and As Such, they were charging quite a lot for it. I believe I have a signed one somewhere???
The first thought in my mind was, it’s kind of funny, Julie in an antique store. I guess they say that something becomes an antique when it is over fifty years old. So, by that standard, I guess Julie was an antique. Me too.
Sadly, Julie passed away a couple of years ago. Though she had retired from the game several years before, it was a loss as she was certainly a figure to be reckoned with.
Seeing the poster, got me to thinking… I had taken so many photographs of Julie Strain back in the days when we were making films together and just hanging out. Some, I’ve put out there on this website, on Instagram, and others I sent to mags in association with articles, but most have never been seen.
I remember, every now and then, I would give some of the photos to Julie and she was so impressed by their clarity. She would ask, was it the lens? And yes, that was part of it. The lens on the camera I was using back then cost like $6,000.00. But, more than that, it was the film. These photos were taken before the age of digital. And, the aesthetic of film is just so much better than that of digital. Digital just tries to mimic film, but it is not film.
Anyway… I started to think that maybe I should release a book of all of the photos I have of Julie. She would probably like that. The problem is, super high-quality photo books are really expensive to put out there. And, if it was not super high-quality, I could just see all the criticism, unleashed by the un-knowing masses. …Or hell, maybe even do an art show release. But, doing large-scale, high-quality prints of all those photos would be super expensive. I guess I should have hit Kevin (Eastman) up with this idea back in the day when he was married to and financing Julie’s career in association with his magazine and book publishing company. Oh well….
I guess on a philosophic level, this is all a lot like life. Think about all of the photographs that have been taken. …Taken back in the day of film, and now the millions-upon-millions of photos that are shot every day on smart phones; nobody sees them. Yes, the photographer and maybe the model see them. But, then what happens to them? Answer: Nothing. They are lost.
Think about it… Think about all the photos you have taken… Think about all the photos that were taken of you… What became of them? Only seen by you and maybe a few close family members or friends.  A lot of great photographic art has been lost to the hands of times and the lack of ability for anyone to put it out there for the world to see. Thus, the art is gone.
As far as all my photos of Julie??? I guess they will just remain hidden, lost to the hands of time. Sad really… Julie was such a photogenetic individual. She really knew how to play to the camera.