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How You Gage Your Goodness

The Sanskrit word, “Sattvavtti,” details Ideal Goodness of a human being. As I always state whenever I am referencing words in Sanskrit, due to the ancient nature of this language, actual translation is open to interpretation. This being said, Sattvavtti is an ideal word to describe the true goodness of a person.

Ask yourself, “How good are you?” And, do you ever even ponder this question? Ask yourself, “If you think that you are good and you are doing things, does that mean that you are not doing anything bad?” Again, ask yourself, “If you are doing something/anything bad, how does that affect your life, your mind, and your future actions? Do you simply make excuses for your bad deeds, provide yourself with lies, excuses, and rationalizations or do you work towards correcting them?”

This world is highly defined by the actions one individual takes be they good or bad. These actions not only affect the people who make them but all those who encounter them and those people who encounter those who previously encountered those actions. Throughout history there has been tons and tons of formalized excuses defined to help people dance around that fact that what they are doing is bad, not good. These excuses are born from religion, psychology, onto simple personal denial. But, how does a person praying to god and asking for forgiveness correct any bad action that the praying individual made? How does praying correct or undo the bad deeds doing? Just as in psychology, the psychologist looks to get to the root of why a person does what they do. But, does that change what that person has done? Does that somehow make the bad they have done emerge as good? No.

Life excuses and justifications lead to all the bad that is done in this world. They do not lead to good.

So again, question, “How good are you?”

If you do not even care as to whether or not you are doing good, while walking the path of your life existence, then you are lost. Lost is never a good thing. Lost is a selfish space based in not caring. No goodness can ever arises from this state of mind.

Good is consciously entering into a mind and life space filled with goodness. How do you do this? Answer: Become the essence of good.

One of the main things to keep in mind if you hope to live a life defined by goodness is that goodness is never defined by judgment. Some people feel they are doing good when they are converting a person to their religion or when they are telling a person what they think about them and instructing them how they should behave. That is all just Mind Stuff based in ego. True goodness is removed from all of that. True goodness is embracing the needs of all, leaving the Self behind, and taking action all based in positivity.

Certainly, true goodness is not easily defined or actualized. But, this is also one of the greatest excuses people make for why they do not try to be good. This being said, goodness is also one of the easiest things to realize as it is so easily seen. Think about the times when you saw someone in need; did you help them? Think about the times when you saw someone being wronged; did you help them? Think about the times when you saw someone fall down; did you pick them up?

There is no absolute illustration for you to follow in making your life a process of following goodness. But again, the path is also very obvious.

Good is good, you know it when you see it. Good is good, you know it when you feel it.

In closing, you can make yourself about selfishness and your self. You can make your life about getting what you want, no matter who you hurt in the process. Or, you can make your life about Sattvav
tti. Which do you think will define the best path for you to walk?