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What’s None of My Business is None of My Business

Well, the verdict is in, and the jury sided in the direction of Johnny Depp. I had just come home and flipped on the TV, as I was about to have some lunch, and CNN was all about it. So, I watched the verdict and the goings-on.
Now, what went on in Johnny’s marriage is none of my business. From this six-week trial, and all the news coverage it has received, I’ve drawn some conclusions about the credibility of testimony, but that’s just in my mind. Who knows if what I believe is true or not? Only the two of them really know. Yet, everyone gets involved in everyone else’s business. They want a reason to think about someone else. They want a reason to speak about someone else. I think this is where many of the problems of the world begin, people want to speak about what they think and feel about someone else, whether it is right or wrong. Thus, defamation is born, which is what that trial was all about.
I look to my life and there have been people who have defamed, slandered, and libeled me, on-line and other wise. Could I have sued them, absolutely. But, suing anyone costs a lot of money. You win and then what? Try collecting. Good luck.
As it is so expensive to sue someone for defamation, thus so few people do it. I think particularly in the world of the on-line, that is why so many people have gotten away with it. And, of course, everyone claims it is their First Amendment Right to say whatever it is they feel like saying about anybody. But, is it? Hate speech is not free speech.
I mean the world of marital arts is riddled with defamation. Every teenager or adult, with the mind of a teenager, wants to put that other practitioner down. It’s just foolish. I have witnessed and lived through so much of it.
Aside from the fact that I could have sued a number of people, I think to a couple of times people have threatened to sue me. One guy lied to a U.S. based martial art organization, that I had been asked to join, maybe twenty-five years ago, about my credentials; claiming they were not valid. I could have sued him but I, instead, contacted the headquarters of the organization, based in South Korea, and presented proof. In fact, I also received a letter from the organization stating that they did not even know who that man was. Thus, how could he have claimed I was not an active member. I passed all that on to the U.S. organization and the guy threatened to sue me. Okay… Shortly thereafter, however, this man’s mentor, who was actually a member of the organization, was kicked out for selling fake certificates. I’ll let you decide who was telling the truth.
Then, there was the case of the time when I did years of historical research on the biographical foundations of one of the elemental modern Korean marital art founders. My work was published. In fact, I was the only person, up to that point, who had ever published the facts I found on this subject. A new book came out, stating my conclusions, without mentioning me in the references. I thought that was wrong, so I contacted the publisher. I immediately get a response that they were going bring the entire weigh of their legal team down on me if I ever mentioned this to anyone. Wow! Somebody does something wrong and with the right powers behind them, they can get away with anything. I believe that is the problem with all of this. Who’s got the money wins?
I imagine that we have all been hurt by the deeds, actions, and words of other people. I know there have been times in my life when I have really been fucked over by the doings and the sayings of someone else. Did they care? Obviously not. In some cases, I’ve told these stories. Is that defamation? How can it be when it is the truth?
I’ve always been very careful with my words, as hurting anyone else, even those who have hurt me, is not my intention, because what does that prove? Hurt only equals hurt. I just tell my story. But, here lies the problem, those who do consciously defame others, are doing it on purpose. They hope to hurt that someone else. But, why? How does that make their life any better? How does that make anything any better? It simply illustrates a very low level of human consciousness.
So, here we are, Johnny won, more or less. But, did all of the truths (or lies) spoken in that trial remove the damage of the defamation done? No. And, that’s the problem when you say something negative about someone else. Your words can be devastation to the life of that person. Is that what you want? If it is, you really need to take a long hard look at yourself and your internal motivations.
For all you defamer’s out there, I say, “Stop it!” Someone else’s life is none of your business!
If you have defamed someone, fix it! Because what goes around comes around and if you watch the life of those who say negative things about other people, over a long period of time, you will see that their own words eventually equal their ultimate destruction.

Side Note:
I was actually cast to be in the Tom Petty music video that featured Johnny Depp, Into the Great Wide Open. They wanted to use me and my Harley. Sadly, a car had just run into my Harley, totaling it, the week before. But, without my bike, the Casting Director did not want me. I always felt that could have been a turning point in my career. A crossroads that never came to be.