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The Message in the Music

I was walking through one of my local thrift stores this late AM. Just as I was about to leave, I pass by the LP section and right in the front I notice this LP from a relatively obscure band from the late 1970s, early 1980s. In fact, back in the day, they were one of my favorite bands to go and see in the L.A. Club Circuit. I can’t tell you how many times I saw them, but it was a lot.
This sighting, of course, drew my attention and I made a b-line for the LPs. Checking it out, the album was in great shape. Naturally, I own a couple of copies of the LP, but, as I discuss all the time, I am constantly seeking the sublet realities of sound. And, as particularly in the case of music on vinyl, each album possesses a very unique element of sound, even if it was printed millions of times.
I looked further through the thrift store LP offerings, but there was nothing else from the era. Strange, I thought… Usually if you find one piece from a time period you will find more.
Speaking of time, once upon a time, you could go into a thrift shop and it was not uncommon to find great collections of music from a specific era or a singular artist. But then, everybody got into reselling on eBay and stuff like that, and now, today, in this day and age, it is rare to find anything of interest.
But, that is what I love about thrift stores, most of the time you find nothing, but every now and then you discover that gem.
Of course, I purchased the album.
The guys in the band were older than me. They must be fairly old by now. They came to L.A. from Tulsa on the heels of Dwight Twilley, who pasted away a little over a month ago. I know they eventually left L.A. and moved to places like Austin and Nashville and opened recording studios and stuff like that way back in the ‘80s.  
Every now and then, way back in the way back when, I would hear about them playing live somewhere like at South by Southwest and places like that. They were a really good Power Pop band that rose in the era of New Wave.
Back when email was in its early stages, I communicated with the singer/bass player of the band for a while. But, that was a long-long time ago.
Me, I’m not one of those people to be lost in an era of music. I have friends and family members whose minds never left the ‘70s and particularly the ‘80s. But, that’s not me. This being said, I do appreciate music that holds its own through time. This band is like that.
The other side of this, and me being who I am, I wonder what is this telling me? Me, finding this album all alone, the only piece of an era? What is it signaling? What secrets should I be looking for? What does this mean to the reality of Scott Shaw??? Any ideas?
The album I’m speaking of is by the band 20/20. It was their second release, Look Out. Though I am a bigger fan of their first album, this one does remain an interesting element in the evolution of the L.A. Music Scene. Here’s a link to the first song on the album,
Nuclear Boy. Check it out if you feel like it.
Me, I’m here at the keyboard, listening to the LP in the background, wondering what does finding this LP mean to my reality?