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Be Positive

The Interpretation of Substance

Think about somebody you think about. Why do you think about them? Why do you think what you think about them? Do you ever ask yourself this question or do you just think?

Most people never analyze the, “Why,” in their life. They simply live through their existence with little focused thought. Though this is the commonality of the lives of most people who have pasted through their existence, this does not make the process the ideal process; nor does it make it the most enlightened.

Simply being is not simply Be-ing. If you do not know why you are, then what are you? If you do not possess the answers to your own questions, then what do you truly know?

So again, take a moment and ask yourself, “Who are you thinking about and why are you thinking about them?”

Seriously, chart this thought process out.

Many people think about many people for many different reasons. Maybe they like what a particular person says or does. Maybe they hate what they say or do. Maybe they are impressed by them. Maybe they have distain for them. Maybe they love them. Or, maybe they hate them. There are a million reasons why someone thinks of or about someone else. But, ask yourself, “Why are you thinking about that person?”

If you want to think consciously, you must find an answer to that question.

Now, move this process out a little further away from the individual. Think about some-thing you think about. Why do you think about it? What does thinking about it give to you and/or your life?

What are you thinking about right now? …Other than reading this piece? Step back and chart what is one of the foremost and reoccurring focal points of your current thought process? Why do you think about it? What does thinking about it do for your life and your life’s evolution?

Here’s the thing, most people think all the time. But, they never think about what they think about or why they think about it. They simply let their thoughts control their mind. They think about this for awhile, then, as time moves on, they began to think about something else.

Chart this process in your own life. Take your mind back ten years. What were you thinking about then compared to what are you thinking about now? Who were you thinking about then compared to who you are thinking about now? Why did you stop thinking about it or them?

Thoughts are an ever evolving process. Something or someone catches our attention and we think about it. But, if you do not take the time to study and learn why you are thinking about what you are thinking about your life is not your own. It is simply controlled by something that has taken hold of your attention.

If you want to know the reason, “Why,” in your life, you must seek the source point for that reason why. You must study your self, you must study your mind, you must study the pathways of your thoughts. From this, the true knowledge of who and what you truly are may be revealed. If not, all you become is a person who, like much of the world, is simply sent to thought without ever knowing the reason why.