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Questions Never Asked

Think about a question that you wish you would have asked someone. Maybe the person is still alive or maybe they have passed on—which makes this process so much more complicated. Why didn’t you ask them that question?  There are a million answer for why you didn’t ask, but it all comes down to the fact of the fact that the question was not asked and now you do not have an answer.
Many times, once someone has passed away, questions come to mind that you realize that you should have asked but you did not. In these cases, it may be next to impossible to get the answer. But, that does not take away the question.
There is the whole subtext to all of this, in that sometimes people simply refuse to answer a questioned asked of them or they will lie. Then, thought the question was asked, the answer was never given—at least not a truthful one. But, when this occurs, in some ways an answer is received in that you can take solace in knowing that the question pushed a spot in that person—a place that they did not wish to discuss or at least not tell the truth about.
Here's the other side to this issue… The place where a question becomes a weapon. Some people ask questions in order to get some dirt on a person so that they can use their answer against them. As we all can agree, this is not right. Don’t be that person. But, if your questions comes from a from a space of purity, and the answer will benefit the all and the everything, then asking it may make everything just a little bit better.  
So, here’s the thing, and this is something that you must forever ponder whenever a question comes to your mind, if you don’t ask you will never know.
Take a moment and think about a question that has resounded in your mind. What was/is the question? Why didn’t you ask the question? Can you still ask that someone the question? If you can, why don’t you?
A question never asked is a question never answered.
If you have a question, ask the question, for if not, you may never receive an answer and you will forever be left questioning.