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How Do You Pay Them Back?

I was just watching a presentation on BBC about how a large, beautiful, highly forested park has been put in and a large apartment structure has been constructed on the site where thousands of Jews were slaughter by the Nazis in the Ukraine. There are only a couple of people who survived that onslaught left alive. They were children at the time.

Nazis slaughtered Jews across Europe. Compared to the number that were left alive, only a small percentage survived.

For those of us with a conscience that style of behavior is disgusting. Yet, look at the Middle East today. Speak with many a Muslim, even those who live in the Western World, and they wish to erase Israel. Whenever I have interacted with and mentioned to the people I know of Muslim, Middle Eastern descent that I love Israel, a look of disgust comes over their face. Meaning, this style of genocidal behavior is not left to the past. It is very close at hand and could reoccur in a flash.

Look to what the Japanese did to Korea and the Koreans. Look to what the invading Europeans did to the Indigenous Americans. Look to the Slave Trade. Look to Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge. Look to the recent genocide in Syria. Look to the Russian and the Uyghur. Look to the kid on the street corner who is attacked by a gang. Unconscionable behavior has been a corner stone of human reality but that does not make it right. How do we pay these people back? Really, how do we pay these people back?

Many people dismiss this behavior. They say it was all in the past or it is the problem of some other country, somewhere else in the world. “I didn’t do it, so why should I care?” But, if you don’t care, you don’t care. If you don’t care, you can set nothing right.

I always believed that paying tributes to the slain does not change their reality nor does it change the reality of those who loved them. Just like when they give some person an award posthumously. Sure, that is great to remember their contribution. But, they are not here to appreciate it. So, what is the point? Why didn’t you give it to them when they were alive?

This being said, entire cultures have been attacked and there have been attempts to eliminate them. THIS IS WRONG! Every person is a human being. They may not be of your race, they may not be of your religion, they may not be the same color as your skin, but they are a person. You should never hate a person that you do not know simply because they are not of your racial or religious stock.

There is no really good answer as to how we can pay these people back. But, if we don’t try than nothing is accomplished. At the least, what you need to do is to reach out a hand of friendship and of help to those who have been injured—and I mean anyone. This does not have to be a grand scale of genocidal injury. It can be helping anyone person-to-person. But, more than that, you need to be the person who hurts no one. You need to be the person that causes no pain. Because if you are causing any person any pain you are no different that someone who participated in a large scale genocide.

The main thing we can do is help. Be pure in your mind and accept each person from each race, culture, and religion as a human being. Never judge them. Never judge anyone! Reach out as much as you can with that helping hand. Always make someone/anyone’s anything better than when you first met them.

The better world all starts with you. What are you going to do to help?