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Standing Up For Your Rights While You Kill Other People

It’s a rainy day in L.A. today. I had to head over to my local Guitar Center to return a guitar I ordered from them on-line as they had sent me the wrong model. I got there at 10:00 AM, the time that is stated on their website that they open, but they were still closed. A sign on the door read, due to COVID we now open at 11:00AM. Though I was bit annoyed, I took the time to go and check out a local thrift store in the area, very aware of the fact that I had a very expensive guitar sitting on the front seat of my car. Anyway, I got back to GC at 11:00 and the return was painless.

En route home, I stopped at my local supermarket to pick up dinner. As it was raining, and I didn’t have a raincoat with me, I walked quickly towards the door. Just as I got to the door I realized I didn’t have my mask on. I quickly put it in place. Walking in just behind me was a guy wearing a hoody. He didn’t have his mask on either. I jestingly stated, “You forgot your mask.” He thought I was joking but then he felt his face, “What happened to it?” He turned around to go and figure out the whereabouts of his mask.

FYI, right now we are in the time of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. New strains have entered the U.S and the number of cases are surging. As such, and because of, masks are required in all stores and places like that.

Anyway, inside the store, I grabbed what I came for. As I was walking over towards the dairy section, I noticed a couple that wasn’t wearing masks. They were a very normal looking couple: Caucasian, maybe early forties. My first thought was, maybe they forgot theirs like I or the guy behind me at the door had done. As all of the other people in the store were avoiding them like they had the plague (maybe they do), I smiled, underneath my mask of course, and stated, “You’ve not wearing your mask.” “Good observation,” they guy snidely replied. This made me laugh. They were obviously, Trumpians. That’s the term I affectionately use to refer to the Anti-Maskers, COVID’s a hoaxer, Anti-Vaxxers, and the Stop the Steal people.

Now, we all have our opinions about this COVID-19 situation. I know I do. We all have opinions about the way the government has handled this crisis. I know I do. But, the fact of the fact is, people are dying. A lot of people have died. Even more have gotten very sick and were hospitalized; including some members of my extended family. And, no matter how much you wish to exercise your rights of liberty, (defined by whatever country you live in), you have the potential to be a killer and not even know it.

Yes, there are now a few vaccines released worldwide. But, I can’t get one yet. Can you? Distribution is a mess. And, though there are vaccines, people are still getting sick and dying because so few people have been vaccinated.

So, there they were, this arrogant couple, not caring of the potential they had to kill any person they came into contact with. Do you think that’s right?

When I was at the self-checkout, check stand, I heard the notice go out over the loudspeakers, detailing that for the safety of everyone all people in the store must wear masks. It’s a business; they have the right to set their own rules. And, in this time in the history of humanity, wearing a mask is not a bad idea. I don’t like to wear one either but I care more about the greater good of society than simply what I believe and what I feel like.

I’m sure the manager went up and talked to them and ask them to put on a mask or leave. Maybe there was a confrontation. Maybe it will be on YouTube or the News, I don’t know? Maybe that’s what that couple wanted. It seems a lot of people are looking to become famous by any means possible. Again, I don’t know? But, what I do know is, now, you have the potential to kill someone if you are infected with this disease. You may have it and not even know it. So, you could kill someone and not even know that it was you that caused them to die. But, does that make you any less of a killer?

There is a part of me that believes people who behave in that non-caring fashion should be the one’s who get and suffer from the disease, they should be the one’s who lose loved ones. But, that is just not necessarily in the cards. Sometimes the arrogant get away with murder. But, right is right. Caring is caring. If you can’t even care enough about your fellow human beings to wear a mask when you are in public that, in and of itself, defines entirely the type of person that you are: selfish and ignorant.