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What is the Price of Tears?

As we have lived through this Age of the Pandemic I believe it has caused us all to rethink life. Yes, yes, as always, there are those oblivious people who just don’t give a shit and they pass through their life in a cloud of selfish oblivion. But, most of us are not like that. We think, we study, we learn, we try.

So much has changed and is still changing since this pandemic hit the world. I have spoken and written about the causation for this pandemic and my beliefs on the subject in the past, so I won’t do it here. And, in fact, that is not even the point… We have all been struck by a life changing blow, some of us have been hit hard and hurt. But, just like all things life, others have used it to their own advantage.

I think to this news story that was broadcast last week here on L.A. TV. Many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic so they, the powers-that-be, had the great idea to not allow landlords to evict their tenants if they got behind in their rent. Great for the tenant. Free Rent. Very bad for the landlords. How can they pay their mortgage on the building?

Anyway, this one lady was speaking about how this one man, apparently an actor, just stopped paying his rent. On social media he bragged how he had shot ten or eleven commercials during the pandemic and he posted photos of his trips to Paris and other European destinations. All this while the building owner struggles to find a way to survive. How fucked up is that? He didn’t have to pay rent, or maybe better put, he didn’t choose to pay rent, “So fuck it. Fuck the landlord. I got what I want. I’m living my best life. And, I’m getting free rent. I can use all my money to travel the world.” This, while the landlord cannot pay her mortgage. Not right. But, that is how some of the peoples of the world behave in these situations. How about you? How much do you take and never think about the impact that taking is having on someone else? How much do you take and never think about repayment?

There has been a lot of pain throughout this pandemic. And, for all you anti-vaxxers out there, you are partially to blame. Did you get the measles vaccine when you were a kid? Like most of us, you probably did. Did you get the measles? Probably not. Yet, you believe bullshit stories, made up by WHO, and you don’t get vaxxed helping to allow this virus to mutate. Do you know how and why viruses mutate? Why don’t you read up on that.

Think how many people in the world, in developing country, wish they could get the vaccine but can’t. Yet, there are those where the vaccine is abundant and they are too selfish and too stubborn to take it. Get a clue!

For people like myself, who have lost close family members to this virus, we understand what this virus can do. Yet, there are those who won’t get vaxxed; helping, at least in part, in keeping this pandemic going and literally killing people. What do you think the karma for that is? What is the karma if you transmit this virus to someone and they get sick and/or die? What will your karma be? You anti-vaxxer, you are at least in part to blame for this ongoing pandemic. But, do you own it? Do you care? Fuck any supposed side effects that may occur somewhere (maybe) down the lie. You are killing people. Maybe yourself. Freedom isn’t free. Pay the price!

So many levels of life have been affected by this pandemic. And, though most of the businesses, that didn’t go out of business, have reopened, all things are different.

For example, as least here in the U.S., a lot of people adopted pets during the pandemic. That was/is a good thing as these people gave those poor shelter animals, who may have been put to death, a new chance at life. They are people too! The problem is, now the veterinarians can’t keep up with demand. An appointment with my vet is two months deep. And, for those clinic that don’t require an appointment, there are lines of people waiting outside hoping to see a vet for their sick animal. It’s really crazy.

One of my cats died around midnight on Saturday night because we couldn’t get her in to see a vet. We had a new vet, (not the one who knew my cat), but one that we paid over two thousands dollars to, a week or two before, just to treat her. Of course, they didn’t feel like coming into work on Saturday—take the money and run and all that… So, we could not get my cat the help she needed when we noticed her taking a turn for the worse. Maybe it was already too late, I don’t know? But, at least my lady and myself could be there with her as she breathed her last breaths telling her we loved her. But, she is gone. Like the great Austrian Zen Filmmaker, Wolf Morrison, commented when I posted her photo on Instagram, “Losing a pet is like losing a family member.” So true. They are a family member. So, I/we are obviously devastated. She was a great cat. She was with us for twelve years.

That’s just one example… That’s just me… How about you? How has this pandemic affected your life: both in a negative and possibly a positive way? You should really take the time to consciously chart this out. You may have some new and deep realization(s) by studying you, your life, and your life reactions in this Age of the Pandemic.

You know, in all life events—all life joys and all life catastrophes we can learn, we can become better people. Or, we can do like that renter did and is doing; not giving a shit about who he hurts as long as his life is okay—as long as he is getting free rent.

Some of us/many of us have paid a very high price due to this pandemic, while others have taken a free ride. It’s what you do with what you are given that makes you the person you are and will define what you will encounter tomorrow.

So, what are you going to do today? Who are you going to help? We are still deep in this pandemic and it doesn’t look like it is going to be over anytime soon. But, what you choose to do does not have to hurt someone else just so you can make your whatever better. You can choose to step outside of self-definitions and self-selfishness and get out there and try to make a positive difference.

When you only help yourself, you hurt someone else. Maybe it’s time to stop only thinking about you.