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In Your Mind’s Eye

I don’t think that there is any one among us who has not imagined how a situation was going to be but when that setting was actually lived it turned out totally different than we had planned.

In our Mind’s Eye we had seen the situation unfold. We had planned what we would say and what we would do—what would be said to us, and how the moment would be lived. But, when it came to pass, some or none of that moment played out as we had envisioned.

For some, they plan for days what they will say and do and anticipate what others will say and do to them and for them. Of course, in the Mind’s Eye one leaves room for a few variables but in some cases a person is absolutely sure how what will happen will happen. That is until it does not.

In life, a situation not playing out the way a person has hoped and people not behaving in the way a person had hoped is one of the key ingredients to disappointment. Disappointment leads to depression. It also lead to a person acting inappropriately and saying and doing things that are not very nice. Some people do not possess the ability to accept the reality of reality and from this they enact inappropriate responses.

Why do people plan out hoped for situational outcomes? Because they want to feel a certain kind of way. They want a certain something. And, the only reason they are traveling into that scenario in the first place is that they want to receive that something.

Have you ever had a Christmas morning where you did not get the gift you had hoped for? How did you react? More importantly, how did not receiving that gift make you feel inside?

Did you ever hope a certain person would feel a certain kind of way about you? When they did not, how did that make you feel? How did that make you react?

Did you ever do something hoping to achieve something but what turned out was totally not what you hoped for? What played out was not as you had seen it in your mind. What did you do next?

The first action in your reaction is the key to who you are as a person. The way you think, equally what you hope to actualize is the definition of what you want. But, how you react to life when things do not turn out the way that you want them to is the ultimate definition of who you are.

Some people become sullen when a situation does not turn out the way they had hoped in their Mind’s Eye. Some people become sad. Some people become angry and say or do negative hurtful things based upon not getting what they want. Who are you and what do you do?

As a person progress though life (at least most people) they learn to control their desire for a desired out come. Through life experience they learn that things are often not going to turn out exactly the way they want them to. From this, there emerges a tempering of the actions and reactions to life events. But, think about this, what if you didn’t care? What if you had no preconceived notions about the anything of the next thing? Wouldn’t that make your everything substantially more free? Wouldn’t your everything become so much pure, right, and in the moment?

If you let go of visualizing what you hope for your next moment will be free. If you stop attempting to orchestrate that moment before it happens, then all things become free, you become free, and you will never be tormented by the what never was.