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The Things That You Think and Is Really What You Really Think It Is?

Life is a long process of living, exploring, learning, and disseminating. When people have time (and money) on their hands they seek out things that are not essential to everyday survival—they seek distraction. These distractions take on many-many forms. The one thing that is true to all distractions, however, is that they are not made up of the absolute essentials of life and survival.

When people have time on their hands they look to find something to desire, they look to find something to believe in, they look to find something to do. But, is doing with no greater purpose something worth doing at all or is it simply wasting time?

Once people find a focus of their distracted life they pursue that focus. Some focus on the realities of life. Others focus on far more abstract objects and ideologies. The question that must always be questions, however, is what is real in the what you are seeking? Is what you are watching, hearing, and/or desiring real or is it simply part of the grander illusion of life?

Think about all of the people who were once believed to be true and honest and then turned out to not be telling the truth. Have you been lied to? Have you lied to others? Simply by following that pathway of thought you can quickly realize that all someone says does not necessarily equal the truth. So, what do words actually mean if you cannot believe them?

People desire things in their pursuit of distraction. Think about how many people have gone into debt buying the things of their desire. Have you? Did your acquired desire equal what you thought it would in your life?

In the acquisition of desired object we have all heard about forgeries and fakes being sold as something that is real. But, is a forgery or a fake any less of an acquisitionable object if one believes that it is something that is true?

I think to my friend Kris Derrig. (God rest his soul). He was one of those very nice, very soft spoken people. For a vocation, he was a master of creating guitars. He was a true master luthier. His specialty was making what appeared to be vintage Gibson Les Paul guitars circa 1958 and 1959. (I have an article on this site about him). Were they true Gibson guitars? No. But, they were as good as the best of anything Gibson ever turned out. Sadly, Kris passed away many-many years ago at the age of thirty-two from lung cancer. Soon after that, due to the rise to fame of the band Guns and Roses and the fact that Slash and the other people like Lenny Kravitz used guitars that he made, his creations became highly sought after and now go for a very high price. Again, were they a true Gibson guitar? No. But, though they are a, “Fake,” does that make them any less of a playable instrument? No, it does not.

So, here is the question, what is true and what is real? Is truth only the perspective of the person who is telling the lie? And, is real only the question of how well something is constructed and how desirable of an acquisition it becomes?