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Gorilla in the Mix

Gorilla in the Mix. I’m sure that’s not all that original of a title. I’m sure someone else has used it somewhere before. But, and etcetera, this piece is all about Guerrilla Filmmaking and/or my style of freeform filmmaking, Zen Filmmaking, etc., etc., etc. So, excuse me if I use it.
Anyway, and in any case, I watched that doc about the making of the, We Are the World song on Netflix, The Greatest Night in Pop. Fairly good presentation. Then, as it was getting late, I popped over to YouTube and I watched a few music videos. After that, you know how it works, YouTube pulled up a suggestion for my next viewing experience. It was the documentary BAM vs. HIM.
I hadn’t seen that doc in forever. It’s really pretty good. It’s about Bam Margera making a music video for the band, HIM. The chaos that was taking place in the piece, all set me to thinking. Thinking about how Bam had paid, and had gotten over charged, for his shooting location, to the tune of sixty-five thousand dollars for a one day shoot, including a free prep day, the theater owner had promised but reneged on. …How Bam was paying all these people who were doing nothing. …How he had paid a sound guy who didn’t know how to set up the sound system for the band and, when realizing this, he sent in somebody else, who also didn’t know how to do it. Equaling, chaos.
The thing that made me laugh is that I could have done all of that. Yes, me personally. I could have lighted the set. I could have set up the sound and worked the sound system. I could have filmed the music video. I could have edited it. Yes, just me. Sure, the more competent people you have surrounding you, the better your everything goes. But, I could have done it all; just me. …As I have on many of my Zen Films.
Here’s the thing about life. Many people want to do. Some people, like Bam, (at least back then), had the money to make things happen. But then, if you operate on that level—that level of giving everyone else your money, then you have none.
I think way back to the way back when. My lady had this friend. For some reason, her friend got it into her head that she wanted to make a movie. By that point in time, I had made tons and tons of films. The long story short, her friend had paid some guy an upfront fee of ten G’s all for a promise of what he was going to do for her. My lady asked me to call her friend and explain that’s not how it’s done. That the guy was ripping her off, as he had no screen credits, no experience, no nothing. So sure, I called her. Of course, her friend got irritated at me for even speaking to her about that subject. Okay, goodbye. A week, a month, a year, ten years later, no film. I tried to warn her…
Of course, Bam made the music video this doc was surround around, Buried Alive by Love. He had the money to get it done. Hell, on his MTV show he even had Billy Idol cut a sunroof into one of his Lamborghinis with a chainsaw, so he obviously didn’t care about spending money. But, all that’s not even the point. The point is, there are a million people out there/out here in Hollywood, wanting to get paid. In fact, people like that spread all across the entire globe. They want to get paid, so they make promises, they tell lies about what they can do. But, when they cannot do what they claim they can do, then what? They walk away, and they’re free. It’s only you/it’s only me who is left paying for the bill of their failure.
All this is just a thought. All this is just a contemplation about the reality of realty.
If you want my opinion, if can’t do it, don’t claim that you can, because that’s just bullshit! If you are only doing to do, to get paid for your services, that too is bullshit. …Especially in the realms of art; cinematic or otherwise. Because if you do not have something to truly contribute, and if you are not doing it from a space of purity, then all you are is a bottom feeder, a leach.  Is that who you are?
Art is art. Art is creativity. If you are doing it to get paid, you are not an artist! So, get off of the fucking canvas and stop pretending that you are something that you are not.