Scott Be Positive

Knowing Who You Know

In the long ago and the far-far away, people used to know who you are. You would meet someone, talk with someone, get to know someone, tell them about you, and they would tell you about them. From this, something was or was not created. At the root of that relationship was a relationship. But, times have changed…
Even with things like doctors, in the past you would get to know your doctor. I know I did. When I would walk into their office, they would know about me and what was going on with me. From there, they would be able to give me a better diagnosis. And, I knew about them and their life, as well.
There was one of my doctors, (nice guy), every now and then I would bump into him in a thrift store. I always thought that was very strange, a doctor, (someone at the top of the food chain), in a thrift store. But, like me, that is what he liked to do for a distraction. Sometimes when I would go to see him in his office, he would ask if I wanted to go, “Junking,” with him. That’s what he called going to thrift stores.  But no, some people would have loved that. But me, I tend to be a bit of a loner.
It's just like when I would bump into the GREAT actor Don Stroud around my neighborhood, before he moved back to Hawaii where he was originally from. He was always one of the actors I revered the most, from the 1960s forward. When I got to meet him on one of my first acting jobs, it was mind blowing. Then, to hang out and work with him on Roller Blade Seven, well, I felt I had arrived. He would invite me over to his place. A couple times I did show up, but I just couldn’t do it. It was just all too weird for me. Hanging out with someone I considered so great. But, that’s just me…
I’m getting off of the point here… But, maybe all that nonsense is to the point… People meet, they interact, they do or do not develop a relationship, and life moves on from there.
Now, though I suppose my doctor knows my face. But, he (or she), I have a couple, knowns nothing about me. They don’t ask and I don’t tell. I know nothing about them. Life has changed.
People out there, in the lost realms of cyberspace, claim to know something about me, but they have never met or spoken to me. How could they know anything?
I think this is where one of the biggest problems of current life arises, the not knowing what you think you know. I mean, we hear all the time about people being catfished online and stuff like that. But, even down to the more rudimentary level, think of all the people you think you On-Line know… Who are they really? What lie are they projecting? Who and what are they pretending to be?
Everybody is who they are. But, even in the life of real life, how many people project a false reality about who and what they truly are? How many people lie? How many people are lost in the realms of psychological fuck-up to the degree that they may even personally believe the lie they are projecting? Even more than that, how many people are just trying to GET? Get what they want by any means possible? If they do this in real life, and it has been done for eons, why do you think they are not doing it to you when you cannot even look them in the eyes?
True life, true relationships comes down to true interpersonal interactions. What interactions are you truly having? What interactions are you allowing to be had? Who do you meet? Who do you truly know? And, how much of your life is lived lost in the fabrication of not truly knowing who and what you are actually interacting with?