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The Mundane

I have always believed that if you hope to find any true understanding about life that you must embrace the mundane. The Mundane: that place of the common everyday where nothing is all that special and you are just doing, seeing, and witnessing the stuff that happens all the time.

Many people believe that they must be impacted with that great and grand vision of whatever to truly experience anything. Many people believe that a very special something must occur or there is no motivation for revelation. But, that is not true. Sure, when those Big Somethings happen we are jolted into a state of enhanced awareness. But, those things do not happen every day. In fact, they happen quite infrequently. Thus, you must become aware enough to see and to experience the subtly of the most mundane and common experiences of your life if you hope to delve deeply into the who and what you truly are and how this universe actually operates.

We all enjoy those moments of fun and having a great time. We all like those moments when we do something new that turns out to be a great experience. For those of us who walk the spiritual path it is great when we are send into a space of deep and new realizations. But, if you wait for those big moments to occur, most of your life will have passed by and you will have never taken the time to see the beauty and the enlightenment that can be had in your average moments.

Take a moment right now… What are you doing? No really, what are you doing? Take a moment and truly analyze you and your life situation—where you find yourself right now. Who are you? What are you? How have you ended up in this moment of you doing what you are currently doing?

Once you have spent a few moments in this process, study the everything around you. What is there? Why is it there? What are the sound that caress your ears? What do you see?

The thing that is essential to do in this process is to not dismiss the obvious. “I’m hearing this, I seeing that.” Delve deep; truly analyze the essence of what you are hearing and what you are seeing. Find its true essence.

Many people spend their entire existence focusing on how they are feeling. If they are feeling good, everything is fine. If they are feeling bad, look out. But, this style of mental focus is very-very selfish. It is a state where the individual believes they are the only one who matters. Sure, they may care about other people. Sure, they may do things for other people. But, they only do them to make themselves feel a certain kind of way. So, whom are they actually doing it for?

This is why focusing your growth solely upon Self-Awareness removes the individual from achieving a truer understanding of the grander All.

If you hope to truly grow as an individual you must remove the YOU from the equation and move outward to embracing the ALL.

So again, if you hope to grow towards holding a deeper understanding of the All and the Everything, you must embrace the study of the mundane. Whenever you catch yourself bored, distracted, full of angst, depressed, or just lost into the thoughts of fantasy of a world you will never live, look outside of yourself, embrace your moment, and study the perfection of exactly where you find yourself. You will learn a lot.