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Everybody Want to Take a Free Ride AKA Life is an Exchange of Karma

Think about a time when you have gotten something that you wanted for free. That felt pretty good, right? Think about a time when you found out that you over paid for something. That made you unhappy, right? With those two very simple examples as a basis, we can see how many people have structured their life. People want what they want. They want to get it for free. People don’t want to feel as if they’ve overpaid. So they seek to do all that they can to not pay at all.

There is a problem in this calculation, however. That problem is, no one person is the only person involved in anything in life. No matter what you want, no matter what you hope to possess, you are not the only one that matters. There was/is the person who initially envisioned that thing. There was/is the person who made that thing. There was/is the person who made that thing available and made you be able to obtain it. If you get all things for free, what about that other person or persons? Sure, you got what you wanted but what about them? They did not get what they wanted. Thus, they have been cheated out of their participation in the program. They have been cheated and you have been the one who has cheated them. Now what?

Many people feel that if other people are doing something—if other people are taking something and getting what they are getting for free, then why shouldn’t they? That person did it first, why can’t I? But, life and life karma is not that simple. What you have done—what you have chosen to do solely rests on you. Yes, other people may have done it—other people may have taken whatever they have taken for free, by whatever means necessary, but all karma resides in you. They have their karma and you have yours. Their karma cannot be your karma, just as your karma cannot be theirs. What you choose to do ultimately will define what you encounter in life.

So often we see people questioning, “Why me?” The answer to that question is obvious; they did what they did and they took what they took. How often have you asked, “Why me?” When you asked that question did you possess the mental awareness to chart your pathway to how you have ended up where you have ended up? Did you ever question and seek out the taking you took from someone else? If you did, then you would know the answer to, “Why me?” If you did not, then you are most likely living in the state of denial that most people exist within.

There is the problem in life that many people feel they are owed something. But, why are they owed anything? There is the problem in life that many people feel they have the right to judge others and from this demean them by their own set of standards. But, why? Who gave them the power of universal judgment? There is the problem in life that many people feel they have the right to take whatever is out there for free, if they possess the means to get abscond with it. But, why does anyone have the right to take or do damage to the life of anyone? Where is it written that is okay? It’s written nowhere because it is not.

So, if you get a great deal in life, good for you. We all find those good deals every now and then. But, don’t believe you have the right to simply take what you can take simply because you can take it; for then all that you have created is your next episode of questioning, “Why me?” And, if you do arrive at that place at least be honest enough with yourself to be able to answer your own question.