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How Wrong is Your Right?

Have you ever really strongly believed something—believed it down to the core of your being but you later found out you were wrong? How did you react when you gained that knowledge?
Has someone you know ever truly believed something? Would they argue and argue to prove they were right? Though they believed what they believed, you knew they were wrong. How did you act towards them and how did they respond when you tried to explain their folly?
If you have believed something in the past and eventually found yourself to be wrong, then you know the experience. Some people never cross that bridge, however, as they are so locked into the self-righteousness of their own belief system that they never allow themselves to accept facts outside of what they already believe. Thus, they can never come to the enlightened conclusion that they were wrong.
In Sanskrit, the word, “Apavada,” is used to describe a wrong understanding. From ancient texts forward, it is has been detailed that certain people define their entire life by their belief but if what they believe is wrong, what does that leave them with? If their entire existence is based upon an irrational concept, all they are left with is to have lived a life defined by the fact that what they believed was wrong. From this, enlightenment can never be had due to the mind being guided down the wrong path defined solely by what is believed in the mind of one individual instead of what is actually the truth, or, “Satya,” is Sanskrit.
If we look a bit deeper into this pattern of thought, it is easy to understand that most people define their life by what they believe. That is a natural occurrence. Certainly, where a person gains their knowledge of knowing, and from whom, can truly come to delineate what they do or do not believe. But, belief is much more than that. It is what one person bases their entire life upon.
Are you so locked into your system of belief that you do not allow yourself to encounter the experience of being wrong? Are you willing to fight to the end for your beliefs even if you are wrong—whether knowingly or not? If you are that person, you can never find the truth because the truth is beyond belief. Truth lies outside of belief. Belief can be right or wrong, debated, believed or not. Truth, on the other hand, exists outside of the realms of belief.
So, what do you believe? Is what you believe simply what you believe or is what you believe the truth? And, how can you actually know?