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Character Name: Scott Shaw

It’s funny, I was watching the movie, Wrong Turn, on demand last night. There’s several movies with that title but this is the one that is listed as a 2021 release thought the end credits say copyright 2020.

Anyway… It’s kind of funny as I recently wrote a blog about all the people with the name Scott Shaw out there and low-and-behold Mathew Modine’s character was named Scott Shaw in this film. …Though in the credits he is simply listed as Scott but about three quarters of the way into the film they do refer to him as, Mr. Shaw at one point.

Man, that guy looks old! Once upon a time he was a major star back in the eighties. He even ran for the president of SAG/Aftra a year or two deep but didn’t win. I saw him a couple of years ago at the L.A. Art Show. I was surprised at how tall he was. I never realized that. That never came across on the screen. But, old… And, that guy is like a year younger than me. He’s an actor so he probably smokes. I know that and sun tanning did damage to my mother’s skin but damn… It’s scary. It scares me. It really drives home my age. Is that what you’re supposed to look like in your early sixties?

For me, I think it’s the fact that I still have not gone grey that hones my age. I don’t know why that is? I have a few greys and I am sure it will catch up to me sooner or later but I don’t dye my hair or anything like that. And, I wouldn’t do that. I don’t really have any family I can look to and see if they too didn’t go grey until later in life as everyone passed away much younger than I am now. And, that too is scary. Most of my friends and family didn’t make it past sixty; some were much younger than that. Hell, I’m surprised I’m still here. I expected I’d end up dead in some alley in Bangkok years ago.

So, I guess this blog is two prong… One: Again, as I have said before, there’s a lot of Scott Shaw’s out there. …To the filmmakers; Hey, if you’re gonna use my name at least give me a part in your film. Happy

Two: Age grabs us all. Some it grabs way harder than others. If we live, we get old. Then what? I guess all you can do is do the best you can do. Be happy. Take care of your body. Be positive. And, do good things. For if all you think about is yourself, then will any one ever think of you in a positive manner? Overall, life is much more than your appearance, it is more about what you give back to the world. So, give. Then, when you get old, you will at least be able to say your life wasn’t all about you.