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Promises Made to a Dying Man

When Donald G. Jackson was on his deathbed at U.C.L.A. Medical Center, he was very worried about his filmmaking legacy being lost. He understood that his wife or his daughter did not possesses the desire or the ability to keep his films in the public eye and his many so-called friends did not even show up to visit him in his last days. He knew I was the only one who could make it happened. I promised him I would. And, I believe I have done my best to keep his movies out there and protected. In fact, I finished a number of his unfinished films for him after he passed away.

Times change. Once up a time VHS was the ticket, then came DVD, and now we are in the world of the digital downloading—viewing via the internet on your big screen TV. I have tried to stay up with the times, keeping Don and my films out there as best as I can.

A few months back, Amazon stopped distributing DVDs from indie film companies. That action pretty much wiped out many distributors that I know. Yes, there are other DVD distribution sources out there but people don’t trust them as much as Amazon. I have watched Light Source Films DVD sales plummet.

Since way back in the way back when, I released some of Don’s and my films via Amazon Prime. I’ve tried to upload films in order to keep them available to the public. The problem is, there are a lot of restrictions via on-line sources. For example, Amazon Prime doesn’t want nudity.

…Did Don ever make a film without nudity? I’m joking… Or, am I?

So, what am I to do? I have the DVDs available but, again, times are changing. Everyone wants everything online. No one is buying them.

Recently, I’ve started to upload some of our films to YouTube. It’s not about making money as I did not do that very annoying Ad Thing on YouTube. It’s about keeping Don’s (and my) legacy alive and available to the public. But, there is problems…

I uploaded Big Sister 2000 a couple of days ago. There were over ten thousand of you lucky people who got to view it. Good for you! Hope you enjoyed it. Today, YouTube took it down and told me if I ever upload anything like that again, I will be banned from YouTube and my account shut down. WOW!

Yes, there is nudity in Big Sister 2000. Yes, there is implied sexuality. But, there is no pornography as YouTube claims. Is Big Sister 2000 the kind of movie that I would make? No, it was really a DGJ film. I was just behind the scenes. But, that film was in wide-release in a number of countries including the U.S. Even Amazon, with its many restrictions, distributed it on DVD. But, YouTube closed it out.

So, here I am, trying to keep my promise to a dying man alive. But, the world and the powers that be are fighting me. They don’t care about Don’s filmmaking legacy or about the man. What do they care about? I don’t really know. Do you? I do know that there are things in play on YouTube that you or I may never understand. For example, search for Rollergator. You will see Rifftrax’s version (who I made a deal with for them to do their bit on it). You will see reviews. But, will you see the Official Movie Release from me? Nope. You have to go to my YouTube channel page to find it. I even uploaded it twice just to see… But, the result(s) were the same. It does not come up in YouTube Search. Why?

Now, in terms of Big Sister 2000, I don’t know… You know, there’s been times when I had to do a Copyright Take Down Notice as other people have uploaded it to YouTube. Why didn’t they get the serious proclamation I received? It’s just weird… Really, it’s just not right. But, as I learned a long-long time ago, and I have been stating for years-upon-years, “You can only play in your own playground.” YouTube is in control of theirs, I am not.

And, like I said when he was alive and I've said since he passed-on, “There was a always a price to pay to be friends with Don.” I guess I am still paying that price.

So, what do I do now with this current set of circumstances? How do I keep Don’s and my movies out in the public eye? Since all this happened, I pulled down a few of Don and my other films with nudity. I mean, if I didn’t, when is YouTube going to decide they are not appropriate? So, all you people in the Out There lose out.

So, I don’t know??? For all you out there, who want to support the cause and/or see the movies, I guess buy the DVD(s). You can get to them off of this website. But, other than that, I don’t know where I can present the presentations while maintaining some control over their purity.

Life and the promise you make to a man on his deathbed. I keep trying! But, the powers that be in the world keep fighting me.