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Time in a Bottle

Whenever I see an junky old car driving down the street driving down the street, I always think, “Once upon a time that was a new, very desirable automobile.” It’s kind of like when I see a very old person walking with difficulty, I think, “Once upon a time that was a young, attractive individual.” The fact is, time goes by. It catches up with all of us.
I heard an interesting adage the other day, “When you are seven, your life moves at seven miles an hour. But, when you are seventy, your life moves at seventy miles an hour.” So true.
As has been spoken about forever, it seems the older you get, the faster times goes by. It’s just a fact. There’s nothing you can do about it.
Think about it, when you were young, didn’t days, weeks, months seem like forever. Now, BAM, in the blink of an eye they are gone.
It’s like Christmas is coming up and my lady and I were discussing what gifts we are going get for certain family members. I reminded her how we had bought this one gift for our niece and that was a year ago. “Didn’t that just seem like yesterday,” I asked. She agreed, it did. Time goes by so quickly.
A lot of people have philosophized about time. Me too. In my book, Zen O’clock: Time to Be, I discuss the realities and the Zen of time. Here’s the catch, I wrote that book like forty years ago. That’s a long-long time ago.
With time, lives are lost. Have you lost anyone you really cared about. I mean, death is the reality of life. It is the ultimate gaging of time. Some people live a very long time but no matter how long they live, they too pass from this life space. And, for those of us still living, who care(d) about them, that’s hard.
There have been so many movies, TV Shows, and novels created around time travel. The Christopher Reeves, Jane Seymour film, “Somewhere in Time,” was one of the best. In it, Reeves travels back in time, meets Jane Seymour, falls in love, but then goes back to his own time. There, he finds that she has waited for him for all of those years, but now she is very-very old. Real tearjerker.
But, it’s not real! You can’t travel through time. You can’t go back. That’s all just fictionalization. All we have is the reality we live. All we have is the time we live. Then, we are gone.
I have watch several of my friends pass away over the years. I knew some of them for fifty years or more. Very sad. But, that’s the reality of the reality. Other people I know have grown very old. I knew them when they were young and for some, when I have not seen them for a time, I don’t even recognize them as they got so old.  “Hey Scott, it’s me…” Again, just the reality of life.
So, what does this leave us with? It leaves us with the time we have left. However long that time may be. This is why I have said forever, “You really need to do something special every day.” That something special does not have to be something grand or expensive or anything like that, it can be something very simple. But, if you do not allow yourself those special moments, (and pile on as many of them as you can in your Life-Time), what will the time of your life have meant?