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The Criminal Never Considers Their Victims

Would you like to have something stolen from you? Would you like to be physical or verbally attacked? Do you want to have someone hurt you? Do you want someone to damage what is yours? The answer to all of these questions is obvious, no one want to be hurt in any manner. Yet, think about, does the criminal ever take the feelings of their victim into consideration? The answer is no.
In many ways, it is much easier to be a perpetrator than it is to be a victim. The perpetrator attacks, they hurt, they take what is not theirs. They knowingly, and many times with much forethought, go after their unsuspecting victim. The victim, on the other hand, generally does not see it coming. They are hit from behind, sucker punched if you will, and though they may try to defend themselves, they are left in the position of disadvantage, because they were most probably not expecting any form of attack to come their way.
From a moral perspective, all of you reading this, understand that stealing, hurting, or damaging anyone in anyway is simply wrong. But, look around you, how often is it taking place? Maybe something like this has happened to you. Maybe you have done something like this.
Recently, here in L.A., there was this man who was followed home by a couple of thugs who were planning to attack and rob him. As could be seen in his home surveillance, when they made their move in his doorway, he pulls out his Glock and starts shooting. They had guns, as well, and fired back. Thankfully, nobody got shot, and the criminals ran away, but how often is that the outcome? More often than not, all we see or hear about is the fact of the damage a criminal has left behind.
Did those thugs care about the harm they may do to that man’s life. Obviously not. And, here lies the problem, people do not take the other person into consideration. Do you?
Hurt, damage, theft, attack, and all of that kind of stuff is instigated and actualized by a person or persons wanting to take something from or do damage to that other individual. They do this without caring about the ramifications of their actions. Look to your own life. Have you ever taken something that wasn’t yours from someone? Have you ever intentionally hurt someone? Did you think about the damage you were going to do to that other person’s life before you did what you did? If you didn’t, or if you didn’t care, what kind of a person are you?
If you hurt, if you steal, if you do anything negative to anyone else, that’s a bad thing; right?  Knowing that, why would you do it?
Most people try to be good. Most people strive to never hurt anyone. Yet, hurt happens all the time. Who’s doing it? The answer is obvious, the person who does not care about their victim.
So, what can we do about this? The answer to this question is complicated. We can try to protect ourselves as best as we can. We can try to keep ourselves from being vulnerable. Mostly, we can strive to be the best person we can be—someone who focuses their life upon only doing good things. Though this is assuredly not an absolute method of protection but at least if we strive to be the best person we can be, hurting no one, hopefully the attackers will leave us alone.
The key to living a good life is to never hurt anyone, to never steal from anyone, to never damage anyone’s life in any way. No matter what reason you can justify in your mind, if you victimize anyone, for any reason, you are the one at fault. Then what?