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You Should’ve

For each of us in life there are those things that we get the idea to do. In some cases we only think and dream of that doing. In other cases we actually look into it. But, for whatever reason, we never follow through. Then, maybe a day, a week, a month, a year, or many years later we really realize that we should have done that thing as it would have made our life so much better—it would have made us that so much more.

There are many reason that we do not do that do. Maybe it’s money. We didn’t have enough. Money, or the lack thereof, always seems to be one of the biggest deterrents in life. Maybe it was that we didn’t have the focus. Maybe it was that someone talked us out of doing it. Maybe it is we just got sacred or we came to believe that we couldn’t do it. Whatever the case, we are left with the definition of our life defined by that thing we didn’t do.

As this COVID-19 pandemic came upon us and most of us found ourselves in lock down, many people set about learning that something new. But, how many of those people followed through and completed that learning process? Many started, few finished.

I saw this interview with Charlie Sheen on one of those entertainment shows a couple of months back. He talked about how he planned to learn how to play an instrument or learn a new language during the pandemic. But, as he concluded, “Nothing. I didn’t do anything.” And, that’s the case of many people in life. They have the desire, they have the idea, but they do not follow through.

Sometimes we interact with people who want to tell us how we should have lived our life. “You should’ve done that. You should’ve followed through with that.” None of us what to hear that kind of stuff. We all know what we should’ve done but didn’t.

For some, that what they didn’t do becomes the definition of their life. They realize it and they allow it to control their thoughts. They allow regret to become the definition of their life. But, is that healthy?

We are all defined by what we did do and what we didn’t do. The thing about what you didn’t do is that you didn’t do it. So, you can never truly know what your life would have been like if you did do it. Yes, you may have the idealized image of what your life would have been like if you had followed through. But, you will never truly know. At best, that is simply a projected fantasy.

So, what did you want to do that you didn’t do? Is it possible for you to do it now? Are you still defined by the limitations of what kept you from doing it in the first place: both in the physical realm of reality and/or in your mind? Or, can you now do it? Mostly, do you choose to? Do you choose to take that step that you didn’t take in the past and finally do that thing that You Should’ve?